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Write an Essay on a Memorable Incident in Your Life

Narrative Essay on a Memorable Incident

❶I think that it would have been hard for anyone tolearn a language and through out the book I felt rather proud ofthe character Ruby because even though people through the book toldher she couldn't do thinks because of her learning disability.

An Amusing Incident I Wtnessed Essay Sample

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So one day in the afternoon, we went to play cricket in the barren ground behind the house. On running after the ball, I saw it disappear near by. I looked around carefully and at last saw it deep down in a ditch. I thought I could collect it with my hand and therefore, lying down on the ground, I stretched my hand as far as possible. Slowly inching forward, I was just about reaching it, when lo and behold, to my horror I plunged head over heels into the ditch. Recovering from the shock, l sat down to survey my surroundings.

My grief knew no bounds. I started screaming for help, but it seemed everyone had turn a deaf ear. The seen; inside the ditch was fearful, with many spiders and lizards in it. As it was getting dark, I started getting terrified, at the thought of spending the night in this well of misery. All my efforts to get out of the well were in vain. All of a sudden, I felt something crawling on my feet. Fearing the worst I decided not to move, for I had heard that snakes bite when distracted.

However, I gathered courage and peeped down. To my utter relief I saw nothing but a leafy twig, entwined around my ankle. Just then, I heard the sound of my brother calling out to me, I also started shouting on top of my voice. After what seemed eternity, he was able to locate me and I could not hide my joy when I saw him peering down with the help of his torch.

Meanwhile, the fear of the unknown enveloped my whole, thinking I may die the next few minutes if the bleeding continues. Suddenly I felt a jerky touch from behind.

I woke into the noisy market down town. What a scary adventure in a broad day light. I could not imagine I slept on standing at road side waiting for the brief reunion of oldies.

In addition, the gory dream almost made me believe I escaped the rapture. I could not really disclose to anyone what happened within the short while I waited.

All this while, mother was pleasant during their conversation, but not real out going as she usually is. Then after the lady left, I ask my mother who the lady was to have taken then such a lengthened time of discussion. She told me she could not remember her name, but she remembers her from a Parent Teacher Association meeting at my elementary school.

At the meeting, several of the parents wanted to have fund raisers to help out with some of the expenses at my school which was beyond the calculation of tuition and miscellaneous fees. My mom remembers that this lady said she did not have time to do things like this. My mom said that she understands that all parents are busy — but if several parents work together a lot could be accomplished. During the school year the lady would never help with any project or fundraising activities and my mom said that she did not think that was very nice of her.

Well, at check out we saw the lady again standing in line and I walked up to her and spilled my guts about what my mom had said.

Needless to say there were several other people standing around when I told her my mom could not remember her name and how she was not a very nice lady. My mom wanted to disappear as people began to snicker which in turn made me spill my guts even more. It was really a wonderful but hilarious incident I bet I would never forget in my life. And I pray I live to keep sharing it with folks and friends. This is just a sample. To get a unique essay Hire Writer.

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Essay (Incident at Vichy) Mistreatment, racism, discrimination, these are some of the actions brought on by misperception of a certain group of people. Due to being blinded by lies, propaganda and false accusation, people easily succumb the manipulation of the upper class.

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An Amusing Incident I Wtnessed Essay Sample. Last Saturday, I witnessed an amusing incident as I was walking home. I stopped at the traffic lights, waiting for the green light for pedestrians to cross the road. It was quite a busy road and there was a long line of vehicles waiting to turn right.

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Sorry for wasting your time if you feel this incident was cringe and not at all funny, but be honest, after all you came here to waste some time:P #myFirstQuoraPost k Views · View Upvoters Amritesh Mukherjee, I was once a kid too. Essay on an unforgettable incident of my life Once said, these one-page printout should be enough writing service 24/7. Ignore everything else is worth your .

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Mar 01,  · English essays - Writing English Menu List of Essay Topics Search categories Popular topics Học Tiếng Việt qua các bài hát Help Use the 'Google Custom Search' below to . Last Saturday. I witnessed an amusive incident as I was walking place. I stopped at the traffic visible radiations. waiting for the green visible radiation for walkers to traverse the route. It was rather a busy route and there was a long line of vehicles waiting to turn right.