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Help on c3 maths coursework for mei?

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❶Original post by Owais B Thanks for the info Tallon When drawing graphs for the Raphson using autograph, you right click it and select N-R and then enter appropriate x-values for the interval.

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I love using Javascript and jQuery to create the interactive webpages. I have experience using these web technologies for more than 3 years. I am good at using ajax. It comes very handy when i need to refresh only part of the web pages. I also learned about json while using ajax. I have created a chat application in.

I have experience using PHP for more than 3 years and recently i have learned about laravel framework in web development program. Prior to laravel i have used CodeIgniter to create a web application.

I have experience creating database drive application. I have used phpMyAdmin to create tables and views. I am good at writing queries using SQL. I have experience using c for more than 4 years. In my first job I used C to develop desktop application. I have used Oracle developer to create forms and generates reports. I wrote procedures and functions to create, retrieve, update and delete data from the database.

I also have created tables, views and synonyms required for the application. I used SQL Developer to write queries. In addition i also have training on Oracle Certified Professional Oracle 10g. I have used wordpress for more than a year. I have experience working as a wordpress developer. I am very much familiar with plugins, widgets and have used several plugins to create pages, graphs, contact form etc. Recently creating my own theme for wordpress and learning to create plugins.

I am also familiar with WooCommerce. I have experience using composer, node packet manager. I am also familiar with Laravel and CodeIgniter Frameworks. I have very good knowledge about MVC design pattern and object oriented programming.

I have worked in windows server and hosted web application. I am familiar with unix command and have used Ubuntu and Red Hat Linux. I was born in Nepal, I slide down from Mt. Everest and landed in Canada. My zeal for technology motivates me to keep myself up-to-date. I am very curious and never hesitate to ask question.

I am currently working as web developer Research Assistant in Humber College. Follow 9 Follow 10 Original post by Tallon I don't actually use autograph so I don't know what you mean. I use similar software for graph plotting but I can't give you specifics there, sorry. So I don't really understand your question. But I imagine there's lots of tangents because the first tangent is for the first x value tangent to that particular y value generated.

Then that first tangent intersects the x axis, generating a new x value which generates a new y value which another tangent touches the curve on which then intersects the x axis, generating a new x vlaue, etc, etc? It will either converge or disverge this way. Follow 11 Original post by Owais B Will this Rearrangement method work? Also when both graphs are drawn do i use the x value where the graph croxes the x-axis or where the graphs intersect?

So i'm half way there Thanks. Follow 12 I'm not sure if I'm meant to help with specifics of coursework here, but your rearrangment looks fine to me. Just remember to show both graphically. C3 MEI coursework notation mei maths c3 coursework re-arrangement Help with changing mathematics exam boards at the end of This forum is supported by: Can't stop stealing other girls' boyfriends.

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page numbers), but you can also refer to the MEI coursework booklet and any other material (e.g. videos) in the “C3 Coursework” part of the Maths Homepage, and you can also use anything else that your Maths teacher may suggest. with the help of graphs.

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Dec 10,  · Help with C3 MEI Coursework watch. Announcements. Here's all the info you need to be ready for GCSE results day. Start new discussion Reply mei maths c3 coursework re-arrangement ; Help with changing mathematics exam boards at the end of What equations? OCR MEI C3 Coursework ;. Online homework system bad - mei maths c3 coursework help I'm a huge defender of personal essay, particularly personal essay by women about our ugliest and least accepted thoughts and experiences. dimmesdale and chillingworth argument essay.