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Having a floor makes it easier to glue in position on the layout. By taking your time and paying attention to detail you will have a pretty good looking building to add to your layout and they are also inexpensive to download and make.

I added some clump foliage, some railroad junk just scattered about the building, a couple of shovels and picks leaning against the shed and also some railroad workers to add more realism to the scene. By adding the small details to a scene the viewer will notice them, perhaps not at first but they do add interest and I noticed that viewers love to make comments on the things that they find, like further up the ridge a hunter returning to the cabin with a small deer on his back.

I heated the small plastic model deer in hot water until it was soft enough to move the legs etc to fold over the shoulders of the hunter then glued in place. A small thin piece of plastic rod to represent the rifle glued to the shoulder of the hunter makes it look real.

You don't need to model the whole gun as the rest would be hidden by the deer. On the cabin chimney I painted the top with grime paint to represent the soot and creosote from the fire. I added a female person in the doorway of the cabin and a small boy playing with a dog in the clearing.

I added a phone booth as an outhouse toilet against the trees from a different set to complete the scene. The cabin and the shed were surrounded with pine trees. I scattered some under brush material around the clearing including same small tree stumps painted and weathered. I cut up some small dowel into firewood lengths and split these with a chisel to represent cut firewood and made a small pile by the door of the shed and a larger piece as the chopping block I also found a white metal axe in my junk box and painted and weathered it and glued it to the top of the chopping block.

Multi Pack Specials - Download and Construct. Pack J - Background Yard Structures. Pack K - Industries Backdrop Structures. Engine Shed - Construct for Model Trains. Telegraph Office B - Make from Cardstock. Build Shipping Containers for Model Trains. Mining Town Buildings - Realistic. Industrial Silos - Models To Make. Railroad Yard and Structure Designs.

Walls Bridges Tunnel Portals. Model Railway Layout Scenery Guide. Making Layout Structures for Model Trains. Model Train Kits - Airbrushing Techniques. Free Train Room Signs. Printing Tips for Cardstock Plans. Model Train Scenery Water Techniques.

Scratch Building Structures - Bridges. S-Bahn - Explore menus on left for lots of trains and more. Shinkansen - Very simple and cute train paper craft with smiles.

Signal Box from Oak Leaf Studio. Flower Buses - Pretty buses decorated with large sunflowers. Library Bookmobiles - Lots of simple but nice paper model bookmobiles from different cities and states.

Papercrafts - Nice buses from around the world. There are a few different double decker buses. Two different types of yellow school buses. Be sure and go to their home page for other types of models. Tamya Bus - Very nice bus with great graphics on the side. Motorcycles Origami Origamic Arch.

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Buildings and structures for model railroads. Download, print and build paper and cardstock buildings. Try our free sample. Team Track Models.

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The appeal of Cardstock modeling is driven by more than just economics. Although there is a definite savings in not having to buy extra construction materials, there is also a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in creating a complete structure with just a few sheets of paper and an ink-jet printer. My experience is that an inkejet produces better results . Description: This paper model is a simple Railway Wagon (Railroad Car, Railcar or Railway Carriage, also called Train Car or Train Wagon), a vehicle used for the carrying of cargo or passengers on a rail transport system (a railroad/railway), the papercraft is created by ABC, and the scale is in (H.

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Model Railroad Supplier Directory Paper Models. Paper model kits in various scales. There are 11 links in this category. 3DK Model Railway Building Kits and Accessories Pop Hot! A range of highly detailed HO, O & N Scale card building kits and accessories. Download the pdf file and print your model as many times as you'd like. In "Craftown": Super express train, Railroad tracks, Passenger car, Train Signals. Also in Craftown there is a School Bus and City Buses. Coal Train - Paper Model of a Coal train and a couple of buses.