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❶Web servers serve data and files to users who request them.

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This set up is easy to manage and secure. Yet, maintaining a centralized network requires tremendous amount of resources ranging from manpower to hardware. As a result, the cost of a client-server network is very high. Another drawback of a client-server set up is that the speed of file transfer between the client and the server slows down when the number of clients accessing the server at a time is too high.

Nevertheless, because of its ease to manage and good security, client-server network is still the dominant set up of Web Servers. Apache, a free server technology, is currently one of the most popular server technologies in use today. Apache users can easily change, adapt, or modify the software in accordance with the needs of their particular organization. Additional modules, either written by the user or downloaded free of charge from the vast Apache module library online, could easily be added to accommodate any specific needs of the user.

Apache is also capable of performing many functions such as DBM database authentication, multiple DirectoryIndex directives, unlimited flexible URL rewriting and aliasing, content negotiation and virtual hosts. Web Service is a very powerful tool that has greatly enhanced the efficiency and communication among businesses. Extensible Markup Language XML is the universal markup language that all machines are capable of understanding. In the process of inter-machine communication via Web services, XML is used to tag the data involved.

While serving a similar function as the Web, Web Services do have some significant differences. The most prominent difference between Web services and the Web is that instead of a user interface, Web Services functions via application interfaces. In other words, the machines communicate with each other application to application. Such exchanges limit possible user errors and thus increase the efficiency of the exchange.

A good example of how the interconnectivity among the three technologies works would be a user trying to buy a plane ticket online. In this querying process, HTTP acts as the language that users end up using to communicate with the Web server that actually can access the information of flight date, time, seat availability and prices from the airlines database.

According to the values users input into the Web page i. Web services translate whichever markup language the Web server uses into the universally understood XML that gets relayed to the databases of all the airlines. When the XML is received by the airline databases, Web services then translates the XML into whatever programming language that each database is using so that the database would be able to understand the command the Web server sent out.

After the query has been completed, the result would be transmitted back to the Web server through Web services again. Then the Web server would relay these search results to the user via HTTP which would present the information to the user through an HTML file that could be interpreted by a browser. In sum, the simple function of querying for flight schedules and seats requires all three technologies, HTTP, Web server and Web services, to work together.

Without any of these technologies, the query would fail or the scope of the search would be drastically limited. The functionalities that HTTP, Web Servers and Web Services provide dramatically changed the way companies, as well as individuals, conduct business online. While each technology was created for one specific purpose, it is the combination of these technologies that has greatly enhanced the transfer of information online.

The example of users purchasing plane tickets online shows how critically important a role each technology plays in one of the most common tasks users can accomplish on the Internet today.

Without any one of these technologies, e-commerce would not have boomed and the convenience users enjoy would not have existed today. Retrieved October 21, from Apache. HTTP made really easy: Retrieved October 31, , from Webmonkey Web site: Retrieved November 5, , from Webopedia Web site: With the huge amount of materials to study and the content to write, it is only natural to seek help. To get the best help possible, many choose to order from college paper writing services.

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Web Distribution I- NATURE OF THE PROBLEM A) THE DISTRIBUTION ON THE WEB The web distribution commonly known as e-commerce or e-comm, is the buying and selling of products or services over electronic systems such as the Internet and other computer networks.

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