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❶The State of Uttar Pradesh although not that much biologically diversified nevertheless it has significant biodiversity.

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Such services will otherwise cost 16 to 54 trillion 10 12 US dollars per year. Ecosystems with more biodiversity can withstand the environmental challenges in a better way because genetically variability leads to different tolerance range for a specific environmental stress. Due to this single stress cannot eliminate them easily; Thus species with higher genetic biodiversity have better adaptation ability towards environmental disturbances. Wildlife acts as a source of gene bank for breeding programmes in agriculture, animal husbandry, fisheries, etc.

Other wild animals are used as research materials on which drugs are tested before applying to mankind. Plant breeders have produced a number of high-yielding and disease-resistant varieties from their wild relatives by genetic modifications.

So there is an urgent need to protect wildlife for breeding experiments. The wildlife acts as a source for new varieties. The protection of wild life becomes of paramount importance for their survival and propagation of race, so man is constantly in search of ways and means of preserving natural areas in their natural conditions to promote the development of wildlife e. Similarly, wild rice Oryza nivara provided resistance against grassy stunt virus in s when virus- resistant gene was incorporated in IR rice variety; Wild Thatch Grass Saccharum sponataneum provided resistant gene to sugarcane against red rot disease; similarly in potato, resistant gene against late blight disease has been incorporated from a wild variety — Solarium demissum.

Thus the production of high-yielding, disease-resistant crops, livestocks and fish cannot withstand the changes of the surrounding without their wild relatives. Plants are also useful for making many synthetic products called botanochemicals. Twenty five per cent of drugs in pharmacy are got from only about species of plants. About seventy five per cent of anticancer drugs are derived from plants found in tropical rainforests. The medicinal benefits are not only limited to plant compounds.

A host of microbial, anti-viral, cardio active and neuro-physiologic substances have been derived from poisonous marine fauna. The venoms of various arthropods have medicinal potential. It is obtained from sources like livestock, forestry and fish.

Originally plants were consumed directly from wild habitats. Gradually, most of them were grown as agriculture. More than 80, species of plants are used as food. About 4, native plant and animal species are used by villagers in Indonesia for food and medicine.

Plants provide food not only for themselves but also for other organisms including man. Just three crops i.

Global fish production exceeds that of cattle, sheep, and poultry. It is the largest source of either world or domestic animal protein in the world. In fact, tourist industry of Kenya is based on its wildlife. Due to their beauty, many birds, variously colourful butterflies, mammals, green forests etc. Aesthetic pleasure derived from biodiversity includes bird watching, pet keeping, gardening, wild life sanctuaries etc.

Many plants are considered sacred and even worshipped in India e. Ficus religiosa peepal , Ocitnum sanctum Tulsi and Prosopis cineraria Khejiri. Many animals like birds and snakes are also worshipped. The value put to aesthetic function of nature is reflected in creation of millions of small home gardens, several community gardens, botanical gardens, zoos, aquariums established in different states.

Growing up in degraded environments, could result in the development of negative attitudes in human populations. A wild species may have certain benefits which are still not known to us and may become known in future.

So the conservation of even non-beneficial species is equally significant e. Wildlife is also important in games so are hunted upon while some of them are even worshipped. A visit to the sanctuaries and national parks is a thrilling experience. Some animals are used for recreation of people in circus shows.

The present wild life is the result of organic evolution which started about 3. So it is our ethical duty to conserve the wildlife for the utilization of coming generations. There are many animal gods as well like Matsya, Narsimha and Hanuman. It is a natural but slow process but due to unplanned activities of man, the rate of decline of wild life has been particularly rapid in the last one hundred years.

India alone has a total of threatened species of which include 86 mammals, 70 birds, 25 reptiles, 3 amphibians, 8 fishes, 23 invertebrates and plants. The biological diversity of ecosystems like Wayanad, Kolli Hills, Jeypore Tract, Bhitarkanika, Lakshadweep Islands, Arunachal Pradesh and Mizoram is under threat because of conflict between food security of population living therein and biodiversity conservation.

Main causes of its facing extinction are increasing destruction of its habitat, by deforestation coupled with jhum and shifting cultivation. Dams block spawning and migration of certain fishes. Due to this species present in deeper areas start disappearing. The declaration of common Hippopotamus Hippopotamus amphibius as endangered species in Redlist is primarily due to habitat loss and its over exploitation for meat and ivory.

Animals like elephants, lions, bears and large cats require bigger areas to survive and more. Few birds can reproduce only in deep forests. Indiscriminate hunting for various uses of animals like food, hide, musk, tusk, horn, fur, plumage, recreation, etc.

Other causes of indiscriminate hunting of wild animals are: Excessive hunting is known to cause. Last live cheetah died in Delhi Zoo in According to a report of WPSI Wildlife Protection Society of India , more than 60 tigers have been poached in different parts of the country during the year A London based international conservation organisation has stated that poaching of tigers for Chinese medicines, is responsible for the death of at least one tiger in India every day.

According to another report, rhino poaching in and around Kaziranga National Park has increased and 25 rhinos have been poached in In Orissa, many wildlife species including Asian elephant face imminent danger of extermination because of poaching and lack of concern by the Government to check trafficking of wild animals. Wildlife Society of Orissa has reported that 57 elephants have been shot dead by poachers for ivory between Strict action by Rajasthan Government coupled with quick judicial pronouncements in October, in the cases related to two black bucks by cine star Salman Khan and his accomplices has clearly sent a message that howsoever highly placed one might be, no one can escape the due process of law when it comes to the crime of killing the wild animals.

Introduction of exotic alien species are known to threaten the survival of many native species e. The fungus was accidentally introduced into the United States in It is a nuisance weed in many eutrophic nutrient rich lakes and rivers in tropical countries like India where it does not allow other plants to grow and multiply properly.

Each person has the right to be treated with respect and has the right to participate with…. The University of Washington seeks to create a community of students richly diverse in cultural backgrounds, experiences, and viewpoints. How would you contribute to this community? As a Jewish Caucasian girl,…. The concept of diversity in communities includes several nationalities in different fields; thereby the communities will have many advantages.

One cause of diversity is immigration. People travel to another country since they are searching for better life in jobs and educations. If immigration law in any country eases regulation for immigrants, the numbers of immigrants…. Going to the following website http: There are many way to look for the case.

Discriminatory practice is infringement of rights. Mills, There are many ways that people can discriminate against others. Discrimination can involve making a judgement on someone; whether it be for race, gender, sexuality or disability. Discrimination is an unfair act based on prejudice. Equality refers to individuals being treated as equals, and allowing all to have the same opportunities, and to be treated with respect and dignity and to be given the same opportunities to achieve.

Inclusion is the process that includes all, while ensuring that the needs of the individuals are met, whilst overcoming the barriers to…. According to Grace Communion International, people of the black churches believed much like the European Americans. The black churches tend to see America as the land of captivity rather than the promise land. The black churches shared similar beliefs to other groups…. Diversity recognises that though people have things in common with each other, they are also different and unique in many ways.

Diversity is about recognising and valuing those differences. Diversity consists of visible…. Diversity topics is a category of paper topics encompassing a wide variety of issues.

The notion of diversity can be applied to various spheres of life, scientific field, and areas of activity. Impact of Mass Tourism on the Culture of Ibiza. The island is closest of all the Balearic Islands to mainland Spain and has a km coastline. Although it has a reputation as a party island, there is much more to it than nightclubs. There are many small coves and over 50 beaches. One can view other Ibiza attractions, museums, events, festivals and travel.

Ibiza has earned the title of "Clubbing Capital" of the world. The temperatures range from 20 degrees Celsius in May to around 27 in August. The population hovers around while the language spoken is Castilian Spanish. The currency accepted is the Euro. During the 's, tourism was boosted in the island when it earned the Guinness ecord as the entertainment industry in the world.

Since it has around days of sunshine throughout the year,…… [Read More]. The aim of this study will be handing out a wide-ranging presentation of the present stance of ASEAN and its accomplishments till date, along with its challenges. The paper is intended as a suggestion for a master-plan that can be employed as a future pathway where ASEAN political-security support must be going towards in the forthcoming years.

To start with let us have a brief introduction of the organization. The creators of the Association of South East Asian Nations - ASEAN, visualized it as ultimately assembling all the nations of the region and managing them to lend a hand in assuring the peace, permanence and growth of the area.

While the area was in a state of turmoil, a lot of nations were under pressure for the existence of the nation or autonomy. Urban Drainage System Sustainable Urban. If there is an aggregate sub-base, these can provide water quality treatment. There should be good compaction and appropriate geo-textiles especially for areas accessible to heavy vehicles.

Permeable pavements reduce the need for deep excavations thereby providing a cost benefit. This system reduces the run-off rates and peak flow. The overall benefit is that it removes pollutants and holds water so that it does enter the main drainage. A lot of water in the main drainage would either need pumping or treating thereby using energy Wild et al.

Swales They are continuous vegetated drainage systems which convey or store water while allowing filtration when appropriate. Usually, they are the equivalent of roadside gullies or drainage pipes in conventional drainage systems. However, swales have gentle gradient so that water moves at low velocity. The sediments in storm water run-off can, therefore, settle out.

The advantage of swales is that…… [Read More]. Sustainable tourism does not destroy the environment, economy, or cultural aspects of the tourist destination David Vaughan, Sustainable tourism is aimed at ensuring that those concerned are not affected in any way and that a positive development is realized through it. Back in the s, ecotourism which consisted of activities such as wildlife exotic cultures and nature, became more common with remarkably few people understanding what the impacts of such tourism are, this led to its pitfall Erlet, Therefore, sustainable tourism helps to improve all associated impact of tourism as a whole, and this can steadily be achieved through seeking partnership between various governments, local community and any stakeholder in the tourism industry.

How sustainable tourism can be achieved esearches done in this field indicate that for sustainable tourism to be achieved all efforts should be channeled towards fostering co-ordination and cooperation between managers of the tourism destination…… [Read More]. Extinction Events or Environmental Catastrophes Many uncertainties exist over the acts and roles of extinction in the world today. Nonetheless, with all these uncertainties, it is possible to formulate reasonable statements that depict the probable role of extinction.

The role of extinction can be thought to have some elements, most of which are instrumental in striking the relationship and power seen in evolution and extinction in the earth's history up to the appearance of hominids 8 million years ago. For any widespread species or any group of a widespread species, extinction needs some bit of environmental shock that comes in the form of physical or biological aspects that normally occur.

Such occurrences take place during the geological lifespans of the given species or groups of species.

In this case, the shock that is resulting has to be applied with a rapidness that is enough to take place over a…… [Read More]. According to Branch et al. Therefore, the EPA's decision-making process in this case would likely have been different had all four of these dimensions being taking into consideration and efforts made to adequately satisfy each of these requirements in the final outcome. A Comparison of Dutch and U.

An International Comparison among Business Students. Dinosaurs and Massive Reptiles Are. There are fears that giant salamanders may meet the same fate as dinosaurs, given that modern life has exposed them to quick-moving, larger-brained humans who consider them a delicacy and will hunt them with greater determination than previous predators.

The amphibian's size makes them "lucrative prey for hunters, who can sell the flesh for around U. The loss of these giant relics would not merely be a loss of a link to human evolutionary history of the past: Global Warming Evidence for Global. Since them the severity and frequency of bleaching events continues to increase.

These bleaching events correlate with rising average sea temperatures on a global basis, rising sea levels, and more frequent tropical storms fueled by increasingly stronger heat masses U. In addition to coral reef bleaching, the geographic ranges of many plants and animals are shifting. Plant and animal ranges are generally limited by climatic factors, with animals able to respond to climate changes faster than plants due to increased mobility EPA, Ecosystems and Biodiversity.

Those that cannot adapt to the new climate will quickly become extinct. However, climate change…… [Read More]. Home Topics Science Biodiversity Essays. Bibliography 1 Anthony J. Lake Characteristics," Accessed on Oct 17th The Economics of Biodiversity Conservation. Biodiversity - Underprotected or Overprotected?

Consequences of changing biodiversity. Biodiversity loss and its impact on humanity. Biodiversity and Conservation in the View Full Essay.

Issues in Science and Technology, Fall. The case of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania. Accessed 5 August Works Cited Cleland, E. Biodiversity and Ecosystem Stability. Retrieved from The Encyclopdia of Earth: Reduce the Environmental Effects of Human Activities.

Biodiversity Extinction View Full Essay. Measuring the real state of the world. Societal Dependence on Natural Ecosystems. Works Cited Dennis, R. Corridors and barriers in biodiversity conservation: Biodiversity and Conservation, Framing biodiversity conservation for decision makers: The Wild Country of Mexico. Sierra Club Books, University of Texas, Works Cited Diaz, Sandra, et al. Meaning of Biodiversity View Full Essay.

Biologists say planet is undergoing mass species extinction. Retrieved 27 Jul from: Aggressive, non-native bass discovered in Tahoe. Preserving a Fragile Ecosystem. Environment, 31 7 , 6. Study focuses on whale sharks in Arabian Gulf. Last accessed 16 May Environmental Citizenship.

Last accessed 14 May Works Cited Colman, Jacob. The Effects of Growth. Global Problems and the Culture of Capitalism. Works Cited De Angelis, Massimo. Oxford University Press, Petrology, geochronology and tectonic implications of C. Journal of the Geological Society, , Revelations of a green senator.

A history of the Tasmania Forest Campaigns. The Wilderness Society, , p. The Politics of the Environment. The development of tourism has influenced people and society, and has created thousands of organizations, at many levels: Tourism has thus led to the creation of million of jobs worldwide, in what is today is one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

Tourism has led people to confront different attitudes and to admire eclectic cultures. In addition, to be able to understand these cultures, society at large has had to adapt to the pluralism of cultures by learning languages other than their own, different types of gastronomy and music, and also by adopting a greater tolerance of different religions.

Exploring an Ecosystem Approach to Management. Update on oiled wildlife and marine life recovered along Louisiana's coastline. Retrieved 16 July from the Louisiana.

The politics of the global oil industry: Green groups bolster lobby against offshore drilling; Democrats struggle to pacify uneasy voters. The Washington Times, p. Decision Methods for Forest Resource Management. May 20, Works Cited Baumgartner, R. Sustainable Development, 18 2 , Leading change toward sustainability: Farnham, England; Burlington, VT: Corporate Reports on Sustainability and Sustainable Development: Sustainable Development, 2 Mar Is the frog-killing chytrid fungus fueled by climate fluctuations?

Retrieved July 27, at http: Principals of Environmental Science: The growth of populations. Classical Utilitarianism from Hume to Mill. Fish and Wildlife Service. Environmental Aspects of Floodplain Development in Africa. I would like to know whether researchers met these in order to know whether to accept study http: The height of the trees as well as diameter of shade is important in order to recreate study 3.

Cacao comes in various types. I would like to know whether researchers experimented with just one kind or several in order to know whether to generalize to cacao as a whole.

References " Corporate Social Responsibility. Last modified http: Last modified November http: Works Cited Brown, Jordan. Strategy West, April Saudis Lash Out at Gazelle Poachers.

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Forests and Fens View Full Essay. The effect of forest exploitation on structure, diversity, and floristic composition of palmito-dominated Atlantic forests at Misiones, Argentina. Vol 56 2 Climate change and the mountain pine beetle. University of Northern British Columbia. Retrieved April 27, from http: Critical need for new definitions of forest and forest degradation in global climate change agreements.

Cases in advertising and marketing management: Bibliography Bernard Pecoul et al. Fidler, Symposium on Globalization at the Margins: Perspectives on Globalization from Developing States: Neither Science Nor Shamans: Research methods for sport studies.

A guide to the process. References Ibiza Information" Retrieved at http: Accessed on 10 May Tourism and Environment on the Island of Ibiza" Retrieved at http: Accessed on 10 May ' Tourism and Biodiversity" Retrieved at http: Ibiza Uncovered" Retrieved at http: Lessons Learned in the Aftermath of the Crisis.

Apostolaki, S, Jefferies, C. Challenges of sustainable tourism development in the developing world: Tourism Management, 22, Sustainable tourism as an adaptive paradigm.

Annals of Tourism Research, 24,

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Biodiversity is a significant aspect of the normally balanced nature existences. Each species of plants and animals play a specific role in the world. The more biodiverse our world is, the more vivid and healthier our Earth is.

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Jan 03,  · topics to consider for an essay about biodiversity These are top 15 topics that you can discuss for writing a winning essay about biodiversity. It is important for you to pick an engaging topic so that you can convince your audience to read the rest of your assignment.

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Free Essays from Bartleby | was, “Biodiversity, the variety of life on earth, was vital to social and economic development and fundamental to humanity’s Home Page; Writing; Biodiversity Essay; Biodiversity Essay. The Eleventh Conference of Parties held in Hyderabad, India The knowledge I had about these topics came from introductory. A biodiversity essay, usually assigned in a science class, is one of the most interesting essay topics you can write about because its implications are visible in the environment, which we live in. will make your life even easier by providing you with tips and guidelines in writing your biodiversity essay.

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Diversity topics is a category of paper topics encompassing a wide variety of issues. The notion of diversity can be applied to various spheres of life, scientific field, and areas of activity. This topic can be related to multiple disciplines making it interdisciplinary and widely applicable. Jun 01,  · View and download biodiversity essays examples. Also discover topics, titles, outlines, thesis statements, and conclusions for your biodiversity essay.