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How To Conquer Paper Clutter Once And For All!

1. Conquer Paper Clutter the Same as Any Other Form of Clutter

❶STEP 7 Once at the mill, the ink is removed from the paper.

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Great post and I do hope a lot of folks follow your advise. It sure will make their lives easier! Oh my desk becomes covered in paper! I have been good about filing papers after they are dealt with but not before. I get many posts but I opened yours first, hoping you were having a giveaway for a paper sorting minion. I think the key to your system is that the file folder has to be dealt with once a week.

Consistency is the key and creating a habit is what makes something work. Plus, you always remind us that pretty helps. I have some nice looking files to go fill! Thanks for the help, though, think about a minion giveaway…. I was just telling someone yesterday, that I have to figure a system to get more organized with my paper work — now I have my answer!!! Yvonne, You think of everything!.

I toss the junk,. After all were already getting back to school supplies here in Ga,. So now just maybe I can have a pretty table again! Thank you for all your nifty ideas. Follow StoneGable on Pinterest. Subscribe to receive updates in your inbox. First Name Email Address. One of the hardest things to conquer around the house is paper clutter!

If you are like me, you could almost drown in all the papers you deal with on a daily basis. Paper clutter can pile up fast and be very stressful! All you need are a few file folders and a heavy duty file holder… and a little bit of time! Are you ready to take the paper plunge? Here we go… on the road to less paper and many less paper headaches! The first thing you need to gather is 10 file folders.

I use mine over and over. I use my label maker… I love love love it! Now comes the hard part… you have to use them… and use them consistently. The paper system will not work unless you work the system! That is what makes paper clutter. If you volunteer at the rec center every Saturday, put the volunteer paper in the Saturday file. To make this system work you need to look at the file for the next day in the evening. So if it is Monday night you must look at the papers your will need for Tuesday.

How easy is that? Because if a paper has a due date on it, you know exactly where it is! Every pile of paper probably has papers that need your attention in some way. Filling information out, responding in writhing to someone or papers that need to be read and signed for example. This file can get rather large, so…. Once a week make a date on your calendar to put away all the papers that are in your FILE folder.

It should be totally cleaned out once a week! A few papers in the pile you are wading through might be very important and need immediate attention. This is the file you will go to everyday and give the papers in it your attention. Keep all the files together in a strong file holder. I also keep my easy bill paying system in the back of the files.

Look for an upcoming post on how to keep track of bills and how to pay them on time! I never had enough time to read everything I put in the folder. Here are a few thing to remember to make your file system work… 1. Use a paper shredder. Personal papers that are to be thrown away should be shredded first! I have used this system for decades! If you give this system a try you will be hooked.

You might like to pin this to your organizing Pinterest board…. Comments Thanks for this simple but effective idea! I use a hand held Brother P-touch. Hope Christopher is feeling better. My kitchen island is going to be clear of paper clutter tomorrow! So nice to be organized… you made them pretty too! Great idea and I have pinned it to! Where did you get your neat folders? Have you ever seen that movie Gremlins? Well, Gizmo got wet and he multiplied.

These multiplied Gremlins were fed after midnight and definitely not so cute and harmless as Gizmo. In fact, they were quite scary, literally taking over and terrorizing the entire town. The time has come to expose our paper struggles to some bright light by following these simple rules to finally conquer paper clutter once and for all!

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission if you purchase something mentioned in this post. See more details here. Paper clutter is just that, clutter. To get a handle on it approach it the same way as all other clutter in your home. The only difference, instead of boxes your main tools are going to be a scanner , a paper shredder , a recycle bin and a file tray only place for papers. Gather all of your paper into one place and begin making two piles:.

For the items you know that you want to keep, start by placing these in your filing tray. Scanning these types of items really helps conquer paper clutter. For items that you must keep a hard copy, your going to file in a filing system. See below for how to create a filing system that works for you. If you really want to end the paper struggle, be ruthless here. Do you really need to keep all of those manuals you have? Honestly, have you ever looked at them?

A simple google search is so much easier than trying to maintain a bunch of unnecessary paper manuals. Toss these straight into the recycle bin. For sensitive items such as credit card offers or papers with personal information shred them immediately. Why are you hanging onto all those receipts? To successfully conquer the paper clutter you NEED a filing system! The main thing is to make sure of is that you keep your system simple and that it that works for YOU.

Here is the simple system that works for me:. I have a separate file for each family member that contains Birth Certificates, Social Security Cards, Immunization and other medical records. Any other necessities that are particular to that family member are also placed in this file. These files are kept in a file cabinet along with other essential files such as employment records, insurance policies, and car titles.

When it comes to routine papers that come in each month, such as bills and statements, I use an accordion file similar to this. What I love about this one is that there are separate pockets for each month. Everything else gets shredded or scanned. I keep these documents for a minimum of 7 years. When it comes to coupons and promotions, I actually keep them on a metal clip on the side of the fridge.

This way I see them and remember to use them. Also, because the clip only holds a small amount, I am forced to go through and toss any expired or outdated items on a regular basis. But there are things that are too special to toss. All of those special sentimental papers go into a cute box like this one. I just have a couple of them stacked.

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When it comes to trying to conquer paper clutter, I swear it’s much like taking care, of a Gremlin. If you don’t follow the rules it’s soon multiplying into this evil monster taking over our homes. Follow these simple rules to finally conquer paper clutter once and for all! One of the hardest things to conquer around the house is paper clutter! If you are like me, you could almost drown in all the papers you deal with on a daily basis.