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❶At their meeting, the opponent and the internal examiners must together complete the dissertation assessment form.

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doctoral dissertation help helsinki university
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Faculty of Educational Sciences

The researcher must demonstrate critical thinking, originality and independence. Brief summary of the practices and procedures followed in the public examination of doctoral dissertations. In the actual examination, the opponent discusses the dissertation. He or she may spend at most four hours on this examination. At the conclusion of the public examination, the opponent makes a final statement. The opponent must submit to the Faculty Council a reasoned written statement on the dissertation within two weeks of its public examination.

The opponent and the internal examiners must together complete the dissertation assessment form. In the Faculty of Educational Sciences, the dissertation supervisor the professor in charge of dissertation supervision is usually appointed as the custos. As the chair of the public examination, the custos opens the examination, presents the doctoral candidate and the opponent as well as ensures that the doctoral candidate is able to respond to each comment and that the speakers do not digress from the topic.

The custos also ensures that the public examination proceeds appropriately and in a dignified manner. If the examination takes a long time, the custos may interrupt it by announcing a break. The examination cannot last more than six hours. The custos closes the public examination.

The custos must write a statement on the public examination and submit it to the Faculty Council. This statement must mention the time, place and duration of the public examination as well as the number of participants, and provide a description of it. The custos must also record the comments and questions from the audience in his or her statement.

It is standard practice in the Faculty of Educational Sciences that, unless the custos has supervised the dissertation, he or she participates in its grading, serves on the grading committee appointed by the Faculty Council and is entitled to vote as a committee member.

If the custos has supervised the dissertation, he or she will have the right to speak but not to vote at the committee meeting. Members of the committee include the custos, the opponent s and one or two faculty representatives. The faculty representative must be a professor or a member of the research and teaching staff who has the qualifications of a docent.

The committee must include at least three members entitled to vote. The members of the grading committee must attend the public examination of the dissertation and the committee meeting following the public examination. At their meeting, the opponent and the internal examiners must together complete the dissertation assessment form.

If the opponent and the internal examiners decide to propose different grades, they must complete separate forms, and the Faculty Council will decide on the grade. The internal examiners must prepare his or her own statement or ja joint statement on the dissertation and submit it to the Faculty Council together with the dissertation assessment form. In the statement, the internal examiner must assess the dissertation and the public examination as well as propose a grade for the dissertation based on the assessment criteria and grading scale approved by the Faculty of Educational Sciences.

Doctoral dissertations are examined at a public examination which must be held within 12 months of the granting of permission for the public defense. During the public examination, the doctoral candidate delivers his or her introductory lecture and then asks the opponent for his or her comments on the dissertation.

At the end of the public examination, the doctoral candidate stands up to thank the opponent. The doctoral candidate should provide those friends and relatives who will attend the public examination with information about relevant practices and procedures. The formalities of the public examination can be discussed in advance with the custos. The audience must arrive in good time before the public examination is due to begin. The audience rises when the doctoral candidate, custos and opponent arrive, and sits down when the custos takes his or her seat.

Members of the audience can pose questions and make comments at the end of the public examination when the doctoral candidate encourages them to ask the custos for the floor. The audience leaves the public examination after the doctoral candidate, custos and opponent, and must not congratulate the doctoral candidate until he or she has left the auditorium and has had the opportunity to thank the opponent and the custos. The doctoral candidate is entitled to respond to all of the above-mentioned documents.

Any responses by the doctoral candidate are distributed to the Faculty Council together with the documents submitted by the dissertation grading committee. The documents will be appended to the minutes of Faculty Council meeting, after which they are made public. A doctoral candidate dissatisfied with the Faculty Council decision can appeal for its amendment to the Academic Appeals Board.

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These rules and guidelines are based on the 20 June Rector’s Decision entitled “Preliminary examination and approval of doctoral dissertations as well as general dissertation criteria at the University of Helsinki”, and further specifications laid down in the decisions of the Faculty. All doctoral dissertations completed at the University of Helsinki are to be published in the University’s open digital archive, i.e., the E-thesis service. For compelling reasons (e.g., if the dissertation contains unpublished articles) the doctoral candidate may refrain from publishing the dissertation using E-thesis.

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