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Essay on Whether or Not Marijuana Should be Legalized

Failure: prohibition doesn't help.

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Liberty: people deserve freedom to use marijuana.

Stereotypes about Cannabis Consumption Off Base, Again
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Marijuana produces changes in the mental abilities of a human being, changes in mood occur, pulse, blood pressure and coordination are some of the physiological effects which take place in a person.

These all lead to a high which includes sleepiness, relaxation and euphoria happiness Marshall. Marijuana is a drug which has been underestimated for the health benefits it has. Marijuana has certain medical benefits as well as it is able to treat glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, nausea induced by chemotherapy and even AIDS.

Marijuana also leads to an increase in the hunger of a person and causes red eyes which are seen to be beneficial. The hunger is what can allow patients suffering from AIDS and cancer to eat without having to….

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Big fan of your work sabal. DeleteMe , Nampa, Idaho 0 articles 0 photos 36 comments. Innocent people are being put in prison for ridiculous crimes. Why not focus on the real criminals? Marijuana should be legalized. I prefer both medically and for recreational purposes, but mainly medically.

Marijuana is, without a doubt, one of the safest drugs known to mankind. It's natural, it's much healthier and less smelly than cigarettes are, and it's just a joy. Alcohol does thrice as much damage as marijuana could ever do to you. I don't know about physically, but mentally, I know it does.

I quit drinking after some disappointing run-ins with the bottle. The parties I've gone to have shown me that alcohol causes you to do shameful, awful things under the influence.

I've seen it, I've experienced it. Mary Jane is not.

Crime is Down and Tax Revenue is Up in Denver After Cannabis Legalization

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Marijuana Should be Legalized for Medical and Recreational Use Essays - JJ is a 7 year old boy. He has post-traumatic stress disorder, .

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Jun 09,  · Essay on Why Cannabis Should be Legalized. by TheWeedBlog. Jun 9, I strongly believe that marijuana should be legalized for all uses. physicians had published more than papers in the Western medical literature recommending its use for a variety of disorders Reviews: 2.

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Professionally written essays on this topic: Essay on Whether or Not Marijuana Should be Legalized Legalization of Marijuana for Medicinal Purposes. Opponents of medical marijuana have given many reasons for why it should not be legalized. One of the main reasons they argue is that “Marijuana smoke contains known carcinogens and produces.

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Should Marijuana be Legalized: Essay. admin January 7, ESSAY SAMPLES, Essays on Social Issues. Sample Essay. 4 works cited. Length: words. Whether or not marijuana should be legalized is a difficult question to answer. Some people believe that it should be legalized. Marijuana has certain medical benefits as well as it is . Marijuana Should Be Legalized for Medical Purposes Essay Words | 5 Pages occurring in many children with refractory epilepsy are radiating from Colorado, a state where a strain of medical marijuana has been used to treat these children.