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Imam Mosque Isfahan


❶Agra is also well connected by railroad. Local trains, auto rickshaws, taxis or buses are available to take tourists to Haji Ali Mosque.

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Located on the foothills of Margalla Hills in Islamabad , the mosque features a contemporary design consisting of eight sides of concrete shell and is inspired by a Bedouin tent. The unconventional design by Turkish architect Vedat Dalokay was selected after an international competition. The design features eight-sided shell shaped sloping roofs forming a triangular worship hall which can hold , worshippers, while the surrounding porticoes and the courtyard up-to , more.

Combined the structure covers an area of 54, square ft , the mosque dominates the landscape of Islamabad. It is located on an elevated area of land against a picturesque backdrop of the national park. The largest mosque in Pakistan , the Faisal Mosque was the largest mosque in the world from until , when it was overtaken by mosques in MENA region. Faisal Mosque is now the fourth largest mosque in terms of capacity. The impetus for the mosque began in when King Faisal bin Abdul-Aziz supported the initiative of the Pakistani Government to build a national mosque in Islamabad during an official visit to Pakistan.

In , an international competition was held in which architects from 17 countries submitted 43 proposals. The winning design was that of Turkish architect Vedat Dalokay. King Faisal bin Abdul Aziz was instrumental in the funding, and both the mosque and the road leading to it were named after him after his assassination in The mosque was completed in , and used to house the International Islamic University.

Many conservative Muslims criticised the design at first for its unconventional design and lack of a traditional Dome structure. It can accommodate 10, worshipers in its main prayer hall, [1] 40, in its porticoes , [1] and 50, in its courtyard. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article possibly contains original research.

Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations. Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. January Learn how and when to remove this template message. This article needs additional citations for verification. Ken noted the different head coverings, some shaped like hoods and others caps. Each a symbol of many distinct cultures. Impossible to dismiss were the different outfits, varying from long tunics designed to cover the body during prayer to American unfortunately low-cut blue jeans and t-shirts.

As the call to prayer began they lined up facing Mecca along the width of the room. They stood side by side, careful to overlap their feet and bump shoulders. This habit would be most quizzical for the Muslim.

While men and women are separated, each gender group meets in rooms with lines cut into the carpet to aid the close coming together of their bodies. Even Ken, an American by birth, acknowledged the initial discomfort caused by losing personal space. Yet, he has truly grown to appreciate the closeness found in his community of believers. More specifically, the men had gathered for isha prayers, the fifth required prayer of the day.

Mentioned earlier, the call to prayer is sounded by the muezzin. It was a special treat to witness a live call from a muezzin: The ancient call would usually be sounded by the muezzin throughout the surrounding neighborhood from the minaret. It seems that time and space brings necessary change and compromise to every community.

We sat in a room with large windows from floor to ceiling allowing us to observe the prayer service without being among the Muslim men. This in unusual especially when compared to a Christian church. I have never actually heard of a tour of a church or of an observation booth located within the sanctuary. Ken pointed out the clocks which all were set to specifically highlight the times for salat that change with the seasons.

Preferred over media such as music so often played in Christian churches, each room and every hallway was saturated with a voice of instruction provided by the imam. Ken had to speak loudly for us to hear him over the initial sermon held by the imam and later during the prayers spoken by the muezzin.

It felt odd to observe the men and I am sure it felt odd for them to be observed. The building itself seemed steeped in the sacredness of knowledge and the serious nature through which it is attained. He studiously searched out the scriptures once pausing to stand and study the large wall hanging of the ninety-nine names of God written in ornate calligraphy. Indeed, this is another parallel between the church and the mosque.

In a sense, both place high emphasis on the preacher or the imam as interpreters of the scriptures. However, a certain divergence is made as the Christian leaves the church with the invitation to search out the scriptures for themselves while the Muslim leaves the mosque with the expectation of absolute submission to the scriptures taught to him.

As we would learn first hand, submission to scripture can be a tricky business as certain scriptures may serve to contradict one another whereas Christian scriptures often serve to complement one another.

Thus began a lengthy dialogue between the students of Dallas Baptist University and our Muslim friends. With a modest passion, Ken and his assistant Muhammad, explained that the scriptures used by Jews and Christians had been corrupted and so Muslims would have to wait for the original documents to be discovered. It is important to note that all people of the Abrahamic faith understand some scriptures to be universal and other scriptures as culturally specific.

During our conversation, the men had continued their prayers. Those that joined late would stay late to complete their prayers. Even while the men had taken up at least half the room, it was interesting to note how small they were in comparison to the room.

Unlike a Christian church, a modest blue domed ceiling added extra height. However, many Christian churches also prefer high ceilings as a method to illustrate the greatness of God as compared to humans. While watching the few late-comers finish their prayers, their commitment to order was evident. Some Christians raise their hands, others clap, kneel, dance, and so on. It seems then that the Muslim focuses on corporate prayer and individual worship while the Christian focuses on corporate worship and individual prayer.

On the way out we were greeted by a founding member of the Mosque. He was genuinely happy that we had taken the time to visit them. Above all, the smiles and genuine nature of the Muslims belonging to the mosque touched me. A moment earlier, I was impressed with the affection the men had shown one another after their prayers. One in particular stood out as he clasped his friends arm while they talked. The closeness of the men in comparison to the usual masculine banter I was used to witnessing at my church was significant to me.

They truly embodied the concept of the umma, or community.

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Also, in a mosque there is calligraphy writing that decorates the walls of the mosque with passages from the Quran and the Shahadah. It is a reminder to the Muslims of the importance of Allah's words.

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- Mosque as A Place of Worship Introduction Mosque described as a place which servers both as a house of worship and as a symbol of Islam. In Islam a masjid is a house of prayer. Mosque is symbolically very important to Muslims; it is a humble way for Muslims to rebuild a .

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