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Reputation in the Crucible

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❶On the surface, The Crucible appears to be a tragedy.


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John Proctor, a local farmer, then enters and talks to Abigail by myself. Abigail still dreams Proctor, but he fends her off and tells her to stop her foolishness with the ladies. Betty wakes up and starts offevolved screaming. This dispute centers on cash and land deeds, and it indicates that deep fault lines run via the Salem network. After Parris and Hale interrogate her for a quick time, Tituba confesses to communing with the devil, and she hysterically accuses various townsfolk of consorting with the satan.

Betty joins them in naming witches, and the group is thrown into an uproar. Per week later, alone of their farmhouse outside of city, John and Elizabeth Proctor speak the continuing trials and the escalating number of townsfolk who have been accused of being witches. Elizabeth urges her husband to denounce Abigail as a fraud; he refuses, and she or he turns into jealous, accusing him of nevertheless harboring emotions for her.

Mary is despatched as much as bed, and John and Elizabeth retain their argument, only to be interrupted by means of a visit from Reverend Hale. The next day, Proctor brings Mary to court and tells decide Danforth that she can testify that the girls are lying.

Proctor persists in his fee, convincing Danforth to permit Mary to testify. Mary tells the courtroom that the girls are mendacity. Proctor rages towards her and in opposition to the courtroom. The summer time passes and autumn arrives.

The witch trials have brought about unrest in neighboring towns, and Danforth grows anxious. Hale, who has misplaced faith within the courtroom, begs the accused witches to confess falsely that allows you to store their lives, however they refuse. Danforth, however, has an concept: Conflicted, but wanting to stay, John agrees to confess, and the officers of the court docket have fun. More The Crucible Example Essays.

Find free The Crucible essays , research papers, answers to essay questions. Why is the play called the cru Why is the play called the cru Why is the play called the Crucible?

Webster and his book the dictionary defines a crucible as, A container in which metals are heated, involving a change. A severe test or trial. Author Miller in his play, uses the title The Crucible as an analogy for the situation. The actual container- the crucible , is the town of Salem Massachusetts. The contents of the container are the people of Salem, the emotions and feelings of these people are what change. Arthur Miller was an American playwright, who was born in He grew up in a Jewish family in New York City.

While attending the University of Michigan in the mid s, he began to characterize himself as a distinguished writer. His first plays were Honors at Dawn and No Villain. The Death of a Salesman, which he wrote in , won him the Pulitzer Prize for literature.

Arthur Millers book, The Crucible , tells the story of a towns obsession with accusing innocent people of witchcraft. All the accusers were young females who claimed they were attacked by demonic specters. Members of the community supposedly sent out these evil spirits, but in reality, the girls were doing it as sport.

He who does may be vulnerable to serious allegations. If a man is to work well in his surroundings, he must partake in all aspects of his society or he is leaving himself open to unfavorable charges.

John Proctor tries to avoid any involvement in the The term good men in this play is ambiguous. Reverend John Hale was a good man in the sense of being the perfect and good citizen of Massachusetts in the s. He was pious, adherent to the laws and beliefs, and a good Puritan Christian. John Proctor, on the contrary would not be considered the greatest citizen. However, it had nothing to do with Witchcraft or Satan.

The evil that stalked Salem in was a characteristic that existed in the the past. It is also a characteristic of the present and will probably exist in the future. This evil characteristic in society is power. Many leaders, as well as everyday people crave power. The Crucible The Crucible The witch trials in Salem, Massachusetts in the early sixteen hundreds was a time of uneasiness and suspicion. Anyone could easily turn in his or her neighbor on the ground of witchcraft.

Nevertheless, as a God-fearing community, they could not think of denying the evidence, because to deny the existence of Evil is to deny the existence of Goodness, which is God. Many called it a witch-hunt. In Arthur Millers play, The Crucible , the small town of Salem is engulfed in hysteria due to the accusations of children that many of the townspeople partook in witchcraft. Among the accused is John Proctor, a strong, steadfast farmer.

Proctor is the tragic hero of the story. Witchcraft and arthur millers Witchcraft and arthur millers Superstition and witchcraft resulted in many being hanged or in prison. In the seventeenth century, a belief in witches and witchcraft was almost universal.

In Salem Massachusetts where the witch trials take place many people who are suspicious is accused of witchcraft and hanged. Arthur Miller wrote a play called The Crucible. It is based on the Salem witch trials. The Salem witch trials change many peoples lives and even led to death for some. The judges then started to accuse her of witch craft when she ran to Abigail screaming that she was sorry that she was lying because Proctor put her under his spell.

Lastly, the Judges are responsible for the hanging of innocent people as witches. They at first believe the girls when they said names of people. They then tried to make the accused people confess that they did witchcraft. In conclusion, there are three people who are most to blame for the hanging of innocent people during the Salem Witch trials of Each of these knowingly or unknowingly caused the witch hysteria to grow and contributed to the hanging deaths of the men and women during the Salem Witch Trials of Home Essays The Crucible.

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The Crucible essays are academic essays for citation. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of The Crucible by Arthur Miller.

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- Long Essay - The Crucible q How is language used in The Crucible to express the emotional intensity if characters in conflict with each other and/or society and to convey the abstract ideas that emerge through that conflict. The Crucible is a play written by Arthur Miller in

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The Crucible Homework Help Questions Analyze what a good name means to some of the characters in The Crucible. The importance of having a good name is stressed throughout this play, and is a definite theme that you can analyse. The Crucible by Arthur Miller Essay Words | 3 Pages The Crucible, written by Arthur Miller is a play that takes place in the late 17th century during the famous yet tragic witch trials.

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The Crucible Essay. BACK; NEXT ; Writer’s block can be painful, but we’ll help get you over the hump and build a great outline for your paper. Sep 05,  · Suggested Essay Topics. 1. Compare the roles that Elizabeth Proctor and Abigail Williams play in The Crucible.. 2. What role does sex, and sexual repression, play in The Crucible?