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Borderline Personality Disorder Essay Sample

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❶An individual with BPD tend to experience strong episodes of depression, anger, and anxiety that last only for a few hours or even days. Also, bipolar disorder patients typically have highly intense and charismatic personalities, as seen in Pat Jr.

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Borderline Personality Disorder Essay Sample
Borderline Personality Disorder

Research and studies on the causes and factors that can place one at risk of developing borderline personality disorders are underway. However, most scientists are in agreement that genetic and environmental factors are the likely agents. Studies conducted on twins with the condition reveal that it can be inherited. Social and cultural factors can also be linked to the development of BPD.

For instance, belonging to a culture or group of people where there are common cases of instability in family relationships may increase the risk of a person to develop the disorder. In order for one to be diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, one must exhibit a consistent pattern of behavior that involves at least five of the symptoms below. Those who suffer from borderline personality disorder are also likely to portray suicidal behaviors that are recurrent, threats or acts of inflicting harm on themselves.

The symptoms of the disorders can begin showing during adolescence or in early adulthood. Certain studies reveal that most cases of BPD have often been found in females compared to males.

However, the intensity of the condition heightens with age. The diagnosis of borderline personality disorders is done by a trained mental health professional like a psychiatrist or psychologist. It is important to note that the diagnosis process for BPD is not conducted through blood, genetic or laboratory tests. He or she is emotionally unstable and forms intense but unstable interpersonal relationships. They show impulsive behavior, such as spending money, sex, eating and substance abuse.

Borderlines engage in self-manipulating behaviors and recurrent suicide attempts and thoughts. Differences in personality style traits add color and variety to relationships but may become too extreme, inflexible or maladaptive, significantly impairing a person's ability to function. When a person is not able to deal with people or problems of the environment, he or she is said to have a Personality Disorder Livesley Today borderline personality disorder is primarily marked by instability, showing different symptoms at different times.

Most of the symptoms revolve around problems of mood, mild disturbance in thought processes, and impulsive self-injurious behavior Holmes All of this prevents the borderline to have interpersonal relationships. Individuals with the borderline personality disorder tend to have intense relationships that are very unstable. Individuals with this disorder do not simply drift in and out of friendships, but instead show abrupt, frequent and dramatic changes between "intense love and equally intense hate" Durand in any one relationship.

The fluctuations in their mood, involved with their anger; involved with their thought disturbances, and mixed with their paranoid thoughts about betrayal and abandonment by others; as well as their impulsiveness make it difficult to maintain relationships with others. The deterioration of the physical condition is considered to be likely cause of the development, continuance, or exacerbation of clinical syndromes, developmental disorders and personality disorders.

The DMS-IV manual has elaborated the conditions experienced by the patients in particular those under sever psychological trauma, and the physicians have been provided with the best possible technique to address the psychological pains and mental sufferings. The mental sufferings have their origin which is socially, politically, and naturally motivated or self-imposed James, The occurrences of the tragic events due the life span has the potential to create mental disorder, there have been cases where the patients have reflected their vulnerability of the mental dissatisfaction…… [Read More].

Psychology Analysis of the crime scene After Jeffrey Dahmer was sentenced, he was taken to the Correctional Institution of Columbia, located in Portage; a town in Wisconsin. During his first incarceration year, Dahmer was confined separately in order to keep him physically safe in case he interacted with other prisoners.

With his consent, when the first solitary confinement year was over, Dahmer was taken to a unit that was less secure. Here, he was made to work for two hours each day; he used to clean the ablution block. Apparently, Dahmer adapted well to life in prison, although he had at first been separated from the other inmates. He ultimately managed to convince the authorities to let him interact more with his fellow prisoners.

Dahmer learnt religion from photos and books he received from his father. The Correctional Institution of Columbia even allowed him to go through baptism; it was…… [Read More]. Crisis Counseling and Therapy the Precipitating Events.

Crisis Counseling and Therapy The precipitating events that are brought forward in the movie "Girl Interrupted" are the attempted suicide of a young girl on nineteen years.

It concerned her parents that she failed to go forward and receive her high school diploma in a prestigious northeastern community. They also got to find out that their daughter was involved with an affair with one of their friend's husband. This involved the granting of sexual favors. She is depressed and also lacks a direction in life even after finishing her high school education in fact she does not want to go to college but instead wants to become a writer.

She makes an attempt to get rid of her delusions and does this through the taking of vodka in combination with aspirin even though she denies and fails to consider her actions as being a suicide attempt rather she saw it…… [Read More]. Atypical Medications-is the newer medication to schizophrenia. The atypical drugs affect different areas from those affected by the antipsychotic drugs.

These include Clozapine Clozaril -particularly effective in younger people, isperidone isperdal and Olanzapine Zyprexa. Electroconvulsive "Shock" Therapy-where low voltage electric current is induced into the patient to cause seizure. It is of late considered to be safer than drug therapy. Psychotherapy- this is where the different professionals like the psychologists, some nurses, psychiatrists and social workers work together to study and help treat the patient along side using drugs.

It exploits the cognitive behavior of the individual where the normal positive behavior is emphasized. It follows on the…… [Read More]. Sarah I was working in the community health center as an intern, when I received a call from a woman desperately looking for assistance for her years-old daughter. The woman sounded tearful and anxious, as she spoke, and I immediately concluded that she was fearful and at the edge of giving up.

I asked her to cool down and explain to me her problem calmly. She stated that the her daughter named Sarah, had been expelled from her school, the reason being that she was found having oral se with two boys in the school toilet. Mary, the woman's name and mother to Sarah, was a marketing executive, had not gone to work because she feared that if she left Sarah alone, the girl might flee.

Upon more information about Sarah, I leant that this was just one…… [Read More]. Mary Ainsworth Had Her Birth. In order to quantify the security of a relationship, Ainsworth and her colleagues designed this system of 'Strange situation' for evaluating individual differences in children with particular emphasis on responses to several series of separations and further reunions with their mothers.

The formation of this procedure has sparkled with plenty of literature subsequently, analyzing the progress of mother child attachments, the influence of attachments to other caregivers, and the correlates and effects of secure and insecure attachments.

It has become recognized as the most widely accepted procedures in the research of child development. Ainsworth, Mary There was no prior knowledge to Ainsworth that an individual could introspectively explain the way one behaved and felt instead of concentrating on the way the external forces mould the behavior.

The concept of 'Strange situation' considered family as the secure base from which a developing individual can move out to…… [Read More]. Although her foster mother discussed some episodes of violence and defiance in the home, Tori was not initially violent or defiant in school. However, she frequently failed to complete her assignments, instead spending hours simply looking into space.

She also spoke frequently to social workers and school counselors about problems in her foster home including allegations that she was not being fed sufficiently, that they would not purchase school supplies for her, and that there was emotional and physical abuse in their current home. These allegations were reported and determined to be unsubstantiated, but allegations of emotional and physical abuse and neglect in her family home were substantiated.

The children were removed because of physical abuse and neglect. Interviews with Tori J. Analyzing Qualitative Research Paper. Depression and anxiety are two of the most common mental health problems in the United States.

These two conditions affect a significant percentage of the United States population, meaning that billions of dollars are spent every year to care for the conditions and related problems. Additionally, depression and anxiety are behind the significant declines in patient social functioning and well-being. The two disorders have also been found to cause great suffering and pain to both patients and their close friends and family.

In spite of the fact that proven treatments exist, both conditions remain undertreated izvi, The diagnosis and subsequent treatment of the disorders are made even more difficult by the fact that the two disorders share many signs and symptoms. Jen is a year-old female of mixed ethnic background. When asked what her therapeutic goals are, Jen states that she wants to "get over" the physical abuse she was subjected to her from her mother's ex-husband her stepfather. In the third therapy session with Jen, she abruptly claims that she may not be continuing with therapy because she is just "therapist shopping.

She asks with a belligerent tone, "You don't have a problem with that, do you? I make so much money. There is nothing else I can do to make this much money. All my friends work harder than I do but they make less than me! I mean, I not only pull in what I make…… [Read More]. Abnormal Psychology Theories Issues Diagnosis. The DSM explicitly "strives to be atheoretical, using merely observationally referent terms.

The hope with this is to make the manual as acceptable as possible to professionals with different theoretical orientations Gilles-Thomas , Lecture 2. Specific criteria and systematic descriptions are offered as guidance for making diagnoses. Also key to the efficacy of the DSM in approaching the ideologically and theoretically charged world of abnormal psychology is its multiaxial system.

The multiaxial system "allows for a more holistic and comprehensive…… [Read More]. Cognitive therapies in general have been shown to be more effective than traditional supportive talk therapies when treating anxiety conditions because they offer concrete steps for self-improvement on a continuing basis Reeves , p1. Patients are also asked to identify things they would like to do in which current behavior patterns prevent them from engaging, such as wearing short-sleeved shirts.

Cognitive and cognitive-behavioral therapy shows a higher success rate in anxiety disorders and OCD than traditional psychotherapy, likely because of its behavioral component. BPT patients manifest disordered patterns of relationships, thinking, behavior, and coping mechanisms that contribute to unstable life patterns as well as contribute to the…… [Read More]. Dealing with the unique needs of women in the prison system The number of female prison inmates in America and internationally is growing.

Although men still outnumber women in the prison population, the rates of female incarceration, once considered relatively nominal, have skyrocketed. While the number of men in U. These escalating rates are surprising, given that women are far more likely to be the victims rather than the perpetrators of violent crimes.

Deliberate self-harm DSH or self-injurious behavior SI involves intentional self-poisoning or injury, irrespective of the apparent purpose of the act.

Vela, Harris and Wright, Self-mutilation is also used interchangeably with self-mutilation, though self-mutilation is one aspect of DSH.

There are different ways in which DSH is manifested: This occurs at times of extreme anger, distress and low self-esteem, in order to either create a physical manifestation of the negative feelings which can then be dealt with, or alternatively to punish yourself. Extremely emotional distress can also cause DSH -- this is sometimes linked with hearing voices, particularly as a way of stopping the voices.

DSH is also often called parasuicide,…… [Read More]. Dialectical behavior therapy of Angelina Jolie. June 4, Ethnicity: She is also known as Angelina Jolie Pitt. She is married to Brad Pitt who is a well-known actor, too. Her father is half German and half Slovakian, while her mother is half French-Canadian, one quarter Polish and one quarter Dutch. This section contains your general feelings on the topic and NOT what the readings have informed you.

Initially, I did not have much knowledge about self-injurious behavior SIB. Though I had from time to time heard about the behavior, it never actually crossed my mind that it is a behavior that could warrant significant medical attention. In my life, I have actually not encountered an individual with the behavior. I have not even heard many people mention or talk about it. I thought that people who would perhaps contemplate harming themselves are suicidal people, substance abusers, or insane people.

In fact, I thought the behavior was more relatable with non-human animals as opposed to humans. I did not even think the behavior was evident in children. I also viewed it as some…… [Read More]. The client will benefit from ongoing and in-depth psychoanalysis to attempt to discover some of the root causes of the issues.

Because Belfort did not exhibit his behavioral problems prior to working in the Wall Street sector, it is likely that talk therapy will help elucidate some of the core reasons why he changed. Once talking therapy has clarified some of the core issues Belfort is facing, cognitive-behavioral therapy can help him to identify the irrational, unreasonable, and untenable thought processes and biased beliefs that lead to his dysfunctional behaviors.

The goal of the cognitive-behavioral therapy intervention will be behavioral change but also shifts in the ways Belfort views himself, other people, and his values. Volunteer work and selfless service: Because Belfort has been consumed with an identity linked to money, power, and prestige, it may be helpful for him to shift focus to working with…… [Read More].

Mental Health Counseling and Research. This literature is particularly important because of the large number of children affected by substance abuse of various kinds and the social policy directed toward substance abuse offenders including parents. Implementing Culturally Sensitive Crisis In conclusion, when faced with an individual who is recognizably from a culture different from the crisis worker, some modification in approach will be considered.

However, there is sufficient cultural diversity present in our…… [Read More]. Girl Interrupted by Donnie Darko Girl interrupted Girl Interrupted is a movie with the physical location being in a psychiatric facility and the time location dated back to the s. Suzanna, the main character is brought into the facility following spirited efforts by her parents to convince her through a family friend that she needs help to get through her psychiatric problems and that she would be in a better position to receive this help from a psychiatric hospital.

Susanna reports to the hospital and she is seen to be shocked by the new environment with psychiatric patients, she feels out of place. Susanna is scared of Lisa in particular, a sociopath feared by many other patients, however, with time Suzanna gets used to Lisa.

There are other significant people to the plot of the movie that Susanna meets at the hospital, Georgina who is portrayed as a pathological liar,…… [Read More]. Young Man Steven We Analyze. Social modeling has therefore been floated to be a factor in the basic etiology of self cutting and other studies also indicate that many teens engage in the act as a result of their peers being engaged in the same act as outline by Nock and Prinstein There is therefore a strong warning that group counseling of persons who take part in this act should be avoided as a result of the contagion effect Walsh, This in other words cancels the possibility of Steven receiving counseling at the same time for their problems.

They can however be exposed to activities such as regulation of their emotions Lieberman, ; oss, et. Personal thoughts I do believe that there are various issues that affect the youth of the contemporary society. It is therefore important that the various technological changes as well as social-economic changes have adverse effects in their…… [Read More].

Axes Including the Worth and. By rejecting the correspondence theory of truth namely, as truth corresponding to reality and postulating instead a relative strata of truth as consisting of a construction of the human mind, the axes are a set of subjective opinions formulated by a socially privileged and credentialed class of individuals who are separate from their prescribed reality Duffy, et al.

Caplan in Duffy, et al. Instead the DSM axes, created by socially privileged individuals, only harm these women and teens and destroy their socioeconomic status still further by labeling them with an…… [Read More]. She has a drinking problem that frequently results in her being inebriated when her children return home from school.

Her drinking was initially triggered by arguments with her husband, John. She seems unaware of the impact that her behavior has on her children and seems to think that people are responding disproportionately to any inconvenience caused by her drinking.

The DSM-IV-T uses five different levels, or axes, to diagnose patients presenting with signs of mental illness or mental disorder.

The five axes are meant to be used together to help paint a broad picture of the patient in order to develop the most comprehensive…… [Read More]. The movie, Silver Linings Playbook, provides a rather correct view of numerous mental health-related aspects and the impact it has on families and relationships.

Bipolar disorder-diagnosed Patrick Solitano Jr. This mood disorder is accompanied by manic episodes discrete minimum-seven-day-long periods of uncharacteristically and continually cantankerous, elevated, or expansive moods. Symptoms include escalated self-esteem, reduced need to sleep, impulsiveness, and quick speech, accurately portrayed by Pat in the movie.

This results in vacillating extremely good and extremely bad moods together with acute impairment and distress, necessitating rigorous, steady medications American Psychiatric Association, Also, bipolar disorder patients typically have highly intense and charismatic personalities, as seen in Pat Jr. The character is quick to form an emotional bond with Tiffany, an unusual lady who is herself burdened by mental…… [Read More].

Difficulty in Adulthood in Individuals that were Sexually-Abused as Children Introduction to Sexual Abuse in Children Sexually-abused children commonly develop problems that persist into adulthood. Child sexual abuse has come to be regarded as a cause of mental health problems in adult life. The influences of child sexual abuse on interpersonal, social and sexual functioning in adult life has only recently attracted attention. These victims, predominantly women, often attributed personal difficulties to their sexual abuse as children.

Early research into the effects of child sexual abuse frequently employed groups of adult psychiatric patients Jones, , which further reinforced the emergence of an adult-focused psychiatric discourse about child sexual abuse. The manner in which child sexual abuse has been brought to the public's eye and the nature of the advocacy movement…… [Read More].

Beck and Cognitive Therapy. The theorist who responsible for developing cognitive therapy is Aaron T. Beck has been the recipient of countless awards and honors in recognition of his contributions to the field of psychotherapy and he continues to research and write despite his advanced age.

This paper provides a biographical description of Dr. Beck, followed by an analysis of an application of his cognitive therapy to depression. Finally, a summary of the research and important findings concerning Dr. Beck and cognitive therapy are presented in the paper's conclusion. Beck and Cognitive Therapy Introduction One of the early pioneers of research into psychoanalytic theories of depression is Aaron Temkin…… [Read More]. Childhood Intimacy Problems Serve as.

Other determining factors influencing long-term affects of abuse to a child include: Whether the child's mother is supportive and child can confide in her. Whether the child's experiences success at school Whether the child has nurturing relationships with peers. Childhood intimacy problems and sexual abuse, interacting with family background, contribute the child's developing self-esteem and sense or "world" mastery being disrupted. Sexual Abuse "Signs" Effects of early sexual abuse, which include childhood intimacy problems, last well into a person's adulthood and effect their relationships, family and work.

Individual symptomatology tends to be reflected into the following four areas: Low self-esteem, depression, self-destructiveness…… [Read More]. The modifier scales are meant to identify the subject's attempts to hide or exaggerate mental illness, or to either try too hard to mimic or ignore socially desirable responses.

The Clinical Personality Patterns scales involve the major DSM personality disorders and the last ten scales reflect Axis I and other severe clinical syndromes. This enables a therapist to immediately identify the most potentially serious aspects of a client's pathology that need to be addressed Vaknin Critics note that the multiaxial model of mental illness is not universally accepted.

Furthermore, some of the diagnoses, such as borderline personality disorder, are controversial in the ways that they may be over-diagnosed amongst certain population groups, such as women. However, advocates of the test suggest that it is uniquely well-suited to highlight the interaction between personality and psychopathology in a short period…… [Read More].

Coping ith Depression Depression could be, well, a depressing subject matter to deal with, over the course of an entire page text. However, by emphasizing positive coping strategies that can be adopted by sufferers of depression and the friends and loved ones of those going through a depressed period in their lives, Coping with Depression by Sharon Carter and Lawrence Clayton. Hazeldon, , manages to avoid this potential stylistic pitfall. In fact, if anything, it errs on the side of excessive cheerfulness.

Part of the reason the book has such an upbeat tone is because this work is clearly intended for younger, rather than older adults. It attempts to explain the many causes of depression, the different potential courses of treatment for depression from therapy to chemical remedies , how to personally manage the disease on a daily basis and how to cope if a family member or friend is clinically…… [Read More].

Pattern of Heroine Use. Heroin Drug addiction has been the scourge of our times. Heroin and cocaine especially are the leading cause of imprisonment in the civilized world. Johnson, The anti-drug lobbies aver with statistics that show that marijuana users often fall prey to more potent narcotics -- especially those that are seeking that perennial "high. Hirst, Heroin Hulburd, Pharmacologically, heroin belongs to a class of drugs called depressants. This is because heroin use slows down the brain and central nervous system.

Heroin usually comes in powder form. In its pure form, heroin is white. In some third world countries, users are familiar with "brown sugar" severely cut heroin, occasionally even with rat poison. And Freeman, Arthur M. Cognitive Therapy of Personality Disorders. References American Psychiatric Disorders. Harvard Review of Psychiatry, American Journal of Psychiatry, http: Comorbid antisocial and Borderline Personality Disorders: Journal of Clinical Psychology, Bibliography Akhtar, Salman, M.

Severe Personality Disorders and Their Treatment. Excerpt from Personality Disorder: Retrieved November 3, References Corelli, Richard J. Raising Questions, Finding Answers.

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- “The disorder that doctors fear most,” or borderline personality disorder as it is known throughout the medical community, is only one of several personality disorders plaguing society today (qtd. in Aldhous).

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Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a severe psychiatric condition, which is characterized by the rapid change of psychological conditions, depression and panic attacks, aggression, and other dysfunctions of this kind.

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Borderline Personality Disorder is a severe mental disorder comprising of patterns of behavioral, moods, functioning and self-image instability. Though the feelings justified to the person affected, such experiences always result in unstable relationships and impulsive actions. Borderline Personality Disorder. Borderline personality disorder describes a mental illness that is characterized by instability in moods, relationships and behavior. Some people that have severe cases of borderline personality disorder go .

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Essay: Borderline Personality Disorder Due to the heterogeneous condition of BPD, the disorder most commonly co-occurs with mood disorders with a prevalence of 70 to 90% (Zanarini et al., ;). The weight of evidence suggests that there are core atiological features that point to BPD being a distinct disorder (Zanarini et al., ). Borderline Personality Disorder Essay Sample Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) might sound a somewhat less-serious problem or perhaps a disorder that resists being categorized. However, both are stereotypes having strong roots in the disorder’s history.