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Our faculty will challenge you to participate in small-scale experiences that compel you to apply what you learn in the classroom, seek creative solutions and collaborate to enrich the world around you. At Appalachian, we blend environmental stewardship, economic responsibility and social equity into a unique understanding of what it means to be a part of a sustainable society. This framework for scholarship and research, set against the backdrop of one of the most stunningly beautiful locations in the world, inspires our students to learn in innovative ways about themselves, about their communities and about the world.

Everyone has a story. We understand that in seeking to learn about others, we will learn more about ourselves and become more compassionate and effective contributors to our classrooms, communities, families, businesses and societies. This spirit of inclusion means that we embrace the complexities of a rapidly changing world, ask hard questions and hold one another to high expectations. Global learning at Appalachian means going beyond traveling abroad.

This means being a keen communicator who is culturally aware and understands that global problems require local solutions, and local solutions are best developed with a broad spectrum of voices. An internship is a culminating experience in your field with a qualified professional mentor. The mentorship they provide our students is life-changing. Appalachian supports the research, creative and scholarly endeavors of Appalachian faculty, staff and students with many resources.

Student research is fostered under the close mentorship of faculty experts. How will your Appalachian education prepare you for success in the job market and in life?

Our alumni sound off: At the intersection of classroom learning and real world experience, a very powerful education occurs. Where can an Appalachian degree take you?

Anywhere you want to go! Appalachian generates passionate and engaged alumni, who become leaders in their communities and chosen professions. They exemplify how an Appalachian education can and does make the world a better place.

Whether graduates seek immediate employment or an advanced degree after graduation, their Appalachian Experience gets them where they want to go. Classes canceled 5 p.

All classes and academic obligations are canceled from 5 p. The hurricane forecast for the Boone area is still uncertain. Dehiscences are the most common type of "rupture", by far. It is usually diagnosed when a second c-section is performed or the doctor physically puts his hand inside a woman's uterus and feels around after birth.

Some evidence suggests that many dehiscences actually occur before labour begins. Catastrophic rupture the dangerous kind more often happens due to uterine integrity as a whole with the vast majority following labour augmentation. When a true rupture occurs, a cesarean must occur within 30 minutes ideally 20 to prevent neurological damage to the baby.

Death does not occur immediately. Most women attempting a home VBAC are well within minutes of a hospital, particularly if is called. What does this mean for women who want a VBAC? While external fetal monitors, in theory, are meant to catch this kind of thing as it happens - they often do not.

External fetal monitoring has not been shown to save any lives, and has only been shown to increase the amount of unnecessary c-sections being performed. It is just as effective, and safer overall, to have a nurse or midwife come in every so often and have a listen with the doppler or fetoscope - particularly during a contraction.

This also keeps you off your back, where you are often strictly told to stay if you are hooked up to EFM. This position increases your chances of complications. Labour isn't made so you that you can lie back with your feet up. Home dopplers and fetoscopes are available to rent or buy. Do keep in mind that dopplers, being ultrasound, carry risks. A fetoscope poses no risk to the baby. Risk of rupture also depends on the type of incision you received.

Except in rare cases, modern c-sections are performed by low transverse incision a horizontal scar just along your pubic bone, usually hidden by a bikini. The risk is highest with a vertical incision over the middle of the stomach.

This requires more healing time as well. A year population-based study of uterine rupture. Obstet Gynecol Apr;97 4 Suppl 1: To review the incidence, associated factors, and morbidity associated with uterine rupture.

A year population-based review of , deliveries in one province. There were 39 ruptures: Thirty-seven cases had undergone a previous cesarean delivery 34 lower transverse, 2 classical, 1 low vertical. There was one neonatal death attributable to uterine rupture. Induction and augmentation of labor are confirmed as risk factors for uterine rupture. Fetal heart rate abnormality was the most reliable diagnostic aid. Serious maternal and perinatal morbidity was relatively low. Vaginal Birth after 2 or More Cesareans An excellent and informative research-based read analyzing studies, pitocin use and risks of true ruptures versus that of dehiscences.

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Myth: It takes two years or more for uterine scar tissue to heal. Fact: Your uterus is just like any other cut that is bound with stitches or staples, and does all the healing it's going to in the first few weeks. While a few studies suggest that the risk of rupture (more on what "rupture" is later) is higher if you get pregnant within 18 months, it is still far less than 1%, and while it is. Welcome to the Library at Central Georgia Technical College. Please let us know how we can assist with your educational pursuits. Warner Robins Campus A.

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Associate Vice President for Institutional Advancement, Executive Director of Estate Planning. Being a Missouri State Bear is more than just going to college. It's an experience. A journey that starts with a dream and concludes with a new, exciting direction.