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Ideas: Children & Physical Punishment

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❶Thus, when using corporal punishment correctly and not abusively, the child understands immediately at a younger age. If you need this or any other sample, we can send it to you via email.

Corporal Punishment at Schools

Parental Use of Corporal Punishment

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Straus defined physical punishment as “the use of physical force with the intention of causing a child to experience pain but not injury for the purpose of correction or control of the child’s behaviour” (Straus cited in AlAnazi, (, p.8).

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Physical punishment is banned in schools in most countries, and in many countries, there are moves to ban all corporal punishment of children even in the home. However, many parents still believe that they have a right to use some physical punishment to deal with certain misbehavior at certain ages.

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Corporal Punishment Essay Words | 4 Pages. Corporal punishment is a very controversial topic that is being discussed amongst educators across the nation. Corporal punishment refers to any physical form of punishment, but in this case it refers to in schools. Physical Punishment vs. Communication Essay Words | 4 Pages. Physical Punishment vs. Communication Works Cited Missing Many parents say physical punishment works on improving behavior or teaching a child a lesson. These parents think this is the only way to discipline a child.

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Corporal Punishment Essay. The Thin Line of Physical Punishment ENGL Professor Forney DeVry University The Thin Line of Physical Punishment The most controversial topic among parenting is the one that creates barriers in family and culture, physical punishment of children by parents. Should parents use physical punishment when disciplining their children? This question must be answered by politicians, parents, educators, and social workers because physical punishment has profoundly affected children, parents and a society (Durrant, Sigvaldason, & Bednar, ).