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General Thanksgiving Words

❶Our main focus will be Thanksgiving vocabulary. For Thanksgiving, corn is more common as a symbol than as a food, because dried ears of corn are often associated with the harvest time of year.

An Important Holiday

Introducing Thanksgiving
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Quiz and Worksheet Goals

It's a free Word doc you can save and keep. What are you thankful for? I'm thankful for my family and friends: Estoy agradecido por mi familia y amigos. English to Spanish, Spanish to English The two Thanksgiving vocabulary lists that follow have been split for use in a class activity. Suggested Classroom Activities This list can be adapted to the exercises suggested in the Bright Hub Education articles on Spanish medical vocabulary building Parts 1 and 2 - links below.

Bonus Vocabulary What are you thankful for? Holy means sacred or special in a religious context. Some holy days are Christmas, Easter and Yom Kippur, for example. Good Friday is a holy day in the Christian calendar. It commemorates the day that Jesus was crucified. The verb for this action is to settle. These words express that the settlers have explored a lot of new territory. Sometimes, settlers settle on land that was previously occupied by other groups of people.

When that happens, there can be conflicts. As the United States expanded to the west in the s, many settlers moved into new territories and settled on the land. Plymouth is the name of a British colony in America. It was in modern-day Massachusetts. Britain and France had many colonies in Africa in previous centuries. The Pilgrims were very religious people. They did not believe in how their churches were being managed in England, so they wanted to practice their religious ideas freely in a new territory far away from England.

The Pilgrims had difficulties with farming when they arrived to America. The modern-day descendants of those indigenous people are also called Native Americans. A group of Native Americans or other indigenous people is usually called a tribe. Many Native Americans died from diseases that the European colonists brought to America. If you are a farmer, you generally have a farm where you grow plants. Those plants you grow are called crops. When the crops are mature, the farmers need to bring their crops in from the fields so that they can eat or sell them.

The action of collecting mature crops is to harvest, and the time is also called the harvest. Thanksgiving originally began as a harvest festival , to celebrate a good harvest after a difficult year. The coffee harvest was not very good last year, so coffee prices went up. It is usually made from natural materials from the farm or forest and is woven like a basket.

For Thanksgiving, it is filled with all the delicious fruits and vegetables that you collected during your harvest. It is a common symbol of both Thanksgiving and harvest time. The toy store was a cornucopia of fun for the little children.

There are generally four seasons in the United States. I have been living outside of the US for over 9 years, and one of the things I miss the most is Thanksgiving. I really like to spend time with my family, of course, but I also really miss the delicious food! Many families have different traditions and foods that they eat for Thanksgiving, but there are some foods and related words that are closely connected to the holiday.

It also is usually a special or fun occasion, like a party where you eat lots and lots of food! Thanksgiving is a feast, but there are other occasions when people celebrate with feasts as well. After the beautiful wedding ceremony, there was a gigantic feast at a very expensive restaurant. It can be a part of your life that is special or that makes you happy. Many people say that their children are blessings, for example. Email us if you want to cancel for any reason. Start your FREE trial.

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Prepare to speak Spanish on Thanksgiving by learning these words. Many of these words don't have much of a cultural context outside the U.S., as no Spanish-speaking countries have a version of Thanksgiving. The phrase for Thanksgiving, by the way, is Día de Acción de Gracias.

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English to Spanish, Spanish to English. The two Thanksgiving vocabulary lists that follow have been split for use in a class activity. Each term in List 1 can be matched to one or more terms in List 2, and vice versa. The list is also downloadable at Thanksgiving Spanish Terms.

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Common words associated with Thanksgiving dinner translated to Spanish Spanish Thanksgiving vocabulary study guide by mmunley includes 31 questions covering vocabulary, terms and more. Quizlet flashcards, activities and games help you improve your grades. Use this quiz and worksheet to be sure you know the Spanish vocabulary used to describe Thanksgiving. With this assessment, you can test your knowledge of the words for .

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Thanksgiving is not celebrated in Spanish-speaking countries, so here is some Spanish vocabulary related to the American holiday. Printable Spanish Thanksgiving Vocabulary Activities Match words to pictures – 9 words (el pavo, el maíz, los peregrinos, la cena, la calabaza, el barco, los nativos americanos, el pan, las papas) This activity has simple drawing that kids match to vocabulary words.