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❶In three of his films we hear voices of what obviously are a New York Jewish middle-aged couple nagging and whining about their son.


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After the advent of "talkies," Keaton's career nosedived for obvious reasons. It was easier to transition from live performances in vaudeville to silent motion pictures, but the new talkies meant whole new business models in Hollywood. The dynamics had changed. Keaton's work, as was the case with most film stars of his era, remained literally silenced until they were revived and re-appreciated. Serious students of film and filmmakers today hearken to Keaton's work. He was been described as the "best comedy director in…… [Read More].

He died in California in July, , a few months after his th birthday. Fagan, A01 Amazingly, he performed in his last TV special in at the age of Bob Hope started out as a young man as a vaudeville song-and-dance man, but moved rapidly to comedy. By , Hope had reached vaudeville's pinnacle, the Palace, and moved on to leading roles in Broadway musicals such as Roberta and Red, Hot and Blue.

Next, he began appearing on radio, and then moved to Hollywood, where he starred in 50 films, and had cameos in 15 more. He also influenced other comedic…… [Read More]. Ethics Philosophy - Ethics in. Clearly, his moral standing is highly dubious, if not completely tarnished.

If the Gyges ring were to fall into my possession, I would attempt to do something just to make the world a better place - but what I consider to be just, others might consider to be unjust. For example, I am opposed to many of George W. Bush's actions as President of the United States. I believe that, through his actions, he is personally responsible for many instances of death and destruction, not the least of which has resulted from starting a war that never should have been a war, as there is not a single shred of evidence that affirms this war is being fought for a good reason.

Yet more and more people continue to die each day as a result of it. Portraits of Gertrude Stein an. At this point in his career, Picasso could represent Stein quite well. The style is neither abstract nor entirely avant-garde: Picasso's portrait of Gertrude Stein, therefore, must be considered the better of the two, even if Rose's appears to be the more dynamic. Rose was an imitator, not exactly an orginal -- but then, could the same be said of Picasso?

Picasso's Stein, however, retains the dignity of the brush for a moment and is a thoughtful representation of a woman whose own influence over the art world was so great.

While, as Johnson says, Picasso's "distorted paintings of women are closely linked to the pleasure he got from hurting them, both physically and in other…… [Read More]. Hypochondriasis An Overview Description of. The availability of the Internet, many beleaguered doctors fear, will make it easier for hypochondriac patients to find new and rare illnesses to diagnose themselves with -- however, even doctors acknowledge the value of the Internet in their own work, when cases baffle them.

Using clusters of symptom-related words, they [the doctors] searched Google for a correct diagnosis and compared the internet diagnosis with those in the journals Google searches found the correct diagnosis in 15 - or 58 per cent - of cases proving, say the authors, that the engine is a useful aid, particularly if the condition has 'unique' symptoms But patients doing a Google search may be less likely to reach the correct diagnosis" "GPs should Google diagnosis: Again, one…… [Read More].

Jewish Both Chaim Bermant and. Both Bermant and Raskin show how all Jewish humor, and for Raskin, individual jokes, can be traced to Biblical times in light of Talmudic and other Rabbinical writings.

Raskin addresses rabbinic judgment, man vs. God, ethnic disparagement, and even the humor in the Ten Commandments. Jewish mother jokes cannot be ignored in any analysis of Jewish humor, and both authors address the role of Jewish mother jokes and how they can be traced to the Bible.

Raskin discusses the original function of Groucho Marx's resignation joke and places it also within a historical framework that extends back in time to the Bible and forward to oody Allen.

The meaning of life is a rich topic of discussion in Jewish humor, traced through to the Bible and played out in variations of the joke of the dying Rabbi. The connection between Jewish humor and Biblican humor is not immediately apparent to…… [Read More]. Chassidic fundamentalist environment in a part of Williamsburg in Brooklyn NY. She lives with her parents but has often been thrown out of the house and has other times tried to run away.

She is 19 years old, and works fulltime as a nursery teacher, a job that she detests and that her mother forced her into. She has minimal independence skills, little social maturity, i. Given her lack of secular subjects, all of Ellie's knowledge comes from books that she acquired from the library when she, benign thrown out of the house, found her refuge there at night. Ellie is totally ignorant therefore of some subjects, such as math and geography, but has a knowledge of others, such as Latin and Greek that others her age would not have.

Mental View of New York. Though filled with opportunity, it is also filled with people who missed the golden ring and slipped through the cracks, winding up living on the streets and begging for handouts to survive. This is the landscape that tourists are warned about and natives attempt to ignore by walking by them oblivious to their plight. This is not the celebrity singing cowboy street person who entertains, this is the homeless man in a wheelchair who represents man frailty and how close we all are to the streets.

He is the New York that is hard to look at because if we look to closely we might find ourselves. Then there is the New York of the elite. The debutantes, stockbrokers, old money, new money, famous; these are the royalty of America. They dine in fine restaurants, shop in the best stores, and spend an inordinate amount of money on the finer…… [Read More].

Marjoun and the Flying Headscarf filmmaker Susan Yousseff presents the self and subjectivity of Marjoun, a young Muslim woman and daughter of immigrants. I will speak of Marjoun as though she were a case scenario. Marjoun in depicting her own self as the protagonist is dependent upon the headscarf of the film's title, a hijab which she insists on wearing even indoors to her mother's derision and which becomes a crucial symbol at the climax of the story, but which overall represents her own greater outward religious observance in front of her parents.

Marjoun's mother and father are in conflict with Marjoun and her vision of herself in crucial ways. Marjoun's ostentatious religious display of wearing her hijab indoors -- which her mother criticizes -- mostly bewilders her mother and sister, who seem more assimilated than Marjoun.

Yet Marjoun's father is in conflict with that observant Muslim woman's commitment to…… [Read More]. Artificial and Human Identities in Literature. Complitar aka the LoveBunny I am the LoveBunny , and I offer advice on relationships and also sex. You are here gazing at my glass containment because you are troubled in your relationship, or you seek advice for how to drive your lover wild, or perhaps you just need concrete advice for how to find a lover -- although in these days of social media and nonstop connectedness, if you can't find someone to sleep with you, you're doing it wrong.

And that's where I come in. You can ask me any question pertaining to the relationship genre. My form is that of a classic automaton -- a spooky sort of robotic doll that performs certain functions within a limited and circumscribed physical field. Some may recognize my appearance from a standard fairgrounds type fortune-teller or more specifically…… [Read More]. How to Know God by Using the Bible. It is a language that we must look for if we are desirous to know God.

This is the thesis of Lewis's work -- and thus the book takes a foray into the Scriptures so that the reader might better understand the God Whom he seeks. Lewis connects this idea with that of Calvin, who also began his teaching from the basis of "knowing" God rather than…… [Read More]. The Complexity of Central Park. Indeed, very few parks in the world are as iconic and story-filled as that park.

The words in this report will not just be a recitation of the history of the park. There will also be stories told about the people that planned, envisioned and constructed the site. There will also be some focus on those that have used the park for whatever notable purpose. This report will very much be an encapsulation of the people that brought Central Park to life and have kept it at the glorious standards that it still meets today.

The author of this report will make use of historical and scholarly sources to make the important points to be made. While there are certainly architectural and landscaping marvels, both in the United States and around the world,…… [Read More]. New Age Seminal Film Well into the second century of the fictionalized, narrative films, groundbreaking ideas materialized in seminal masterpieces of the film genre are not easy to come by.

A list of these usually ends up with , when Avatar was released. During the last decade, more and more artistic films from the big budget realm have been noted to take more and more serious note, even those hat announce themselves "comedies. Intertextuality and Narrative Critical Summary. This will translate to certain philosophies that govern their paintings, films or novels.

Such believes are deep-rooted in the society and affect the social, cultural, and economic aspects of the society. According to theorists of intertextuality, the authorship of any text is not real.

To them, people claiming authorship or ownership of texts, are insincere and disingenuous. As Ronald Barthes pointed out, every author or artist, depend on the already existing art.

Therefore, even the originality is controversial. As proponents of intertextuality, they doubted the authorship since texts are simply multidimensional space where variety of writings blends and clash. In the book, Marxism and the Philosophy of Language , the author attests to every text or reading as a mere rewriting of the existing texts or materials.

Under extreme circumstances, readers construct authors. Some authors still contest authorship of selected materials, as the ideas are usually the same. Framing is…… [Read More]. Illegal Immigrants in the U S.

So who is an American and what an America can or cannot do are questions which are critical to the issue of legalizing immigrants. Does being an American mean you cannot show allegiance to any other country? The images of people raising and waving Mexican flag had enraged many but it need not have. It should be accepted that people who come from different countries would forever hold in their hearts a deep respect and love for their homeland.

However to put the interests of home country ahead of your adopted country or to work in a way that benefits the home country but not the new country would definitely cause serious concern. It would be definitely foolish to direct or guide the behavior of illegal immigrants regarding countries and allegiance, but they should be expected to not work against the interests of their adopted land. That is fair and…… [Read More]. Amphetamines also occasioned dose-related increases in reports of the drug being most like "speed," whereas hydromorphone did not.

However, both amphetamines and hydromorphone occasioned dose-related increases in reports of drug liking and in three scales of the ARCI. Thus, some self-report measures were well correlated with responding on the drug-appropriate lever and some were not. Lamb and Henningfield suggest that self-reports are complexly controlled by both the private event and the subject's history of experience with the drug.

Some of the self-reports they observed e. They also suggest that these results imply…… [Read More]. The music of United States changed significantly during the twentieth century, and each generation went on to develop its own music. These were all immensely popular, had strong rhythmic touch and were very different from the earlier forms which existed.

These were used for dancing or just for the purpose of listening. When the twentieth century started it was the time for a variety called Ragtime. After the end of the First World War, Jazz had its origin and it influenced all other forms till it was affected by the stock market crash in This period was called the roaring twenties. Then it was time for a new form to emerge and this was in the music of the ig ands and led at different stages by Duke Ellington, Fletcher Henderson, Jimmie Lunceford, Glen Gray and Chick Webb in the beginning.

They were then followed by…… [Read More]. Home a Martin Scorsese Picture. He had been most inspired by the songs of Woody Guthrie. Woody had not been well and was being treated in a local hospital. Bob went and saw him and then wrote a "ong to Woody. He was selling out theatres across America and England. He was referred to as a genius.

It has been said that Bob went down to the crossroads and struck a deal with the devil, in order to arrive at such a place. He continued to evolve from the old acoustic folk singer that everyone loved, to a somewhat loud electric rock star. Columbia Records and many of his fans were not happy about this change. Fans were booing and…… [Read More].

Changing Musical Style of Bob. He, therefore, continued experimenting with new musical style, and his album, Another Side of Bob Dylan hinted at the things to come. The album was categorized a "folk album" only because Dylan had not yet decided to go electric and continued to use an acoustic arrangement for his songs.

As for the content of his songs on Another Side, they had already veered away from the political protest of folk. The album started with the light-hearted and personal "All I Really ant to do" and ended rather significantly with "It Ain't Me" -- Dylan pointedly saying adieu to his folk audience. The album's departure from folk traditions was a prelude to a more dramatic change in Dylan's musical style that was to be unveiled in the following year.

Dylan goes Electric The year was the start of perhaps the most concentrated, magical, and impressive two-year period of creative…… [Read More]. Bob Dylan The Poet and. Blowin' in the ind" Blowin' in the ind" also uses imagery to convey a message during times of trouble. Dylan uses naturalistic elements to elicit an emotional response from the audience. Using the earth element of "wind" brings a movement and dynamics to the song. Still it is the use of questions that make the verses so strong. Dylan does not mean for the result to be answers but to get people thinking.

The use of overblown imagery Riley writes, "is necessary balance -- the first verse alone pits a dove against flying cannonballs" Through this word usage, Dylan creates a good vs.

The dove represents an innocence that could be destroyed by acts of violence. Still such description creates a contradiction of terms and creates contempt for inhumanity. It is only his voice "seems to be harbouring secret messages" Riley, Highway 61 Revisited"…… [Read More]. Post Modernism Judy Chicago Is. The purpose was to get the viewer to see the Holocaust as a point of reference in evaluating our current society. The actual work is a collaboration between her and her husband, a world renowned photographer.

It is composed of a collection of sculpture, photographs and paintings. Judy Chicago's works encompass several post-modern ideas. First, her works often focus on feminist themes and ideals, an idea that has grown out of the post-modern era. Further, her work is primarily comprised of installation art in that it is large and not able to be hung on a wall.

This being the case, Chicago's work is the essence of post modern's focus on the real and the current, making her a true and unique postmodern artist. Judy Chicago's Home page: Post Modern Artist Julian Beever. Another political and public sidewalk mural done by Beever is his Politicians Meeting Their End, drawn on the night of the General Elections outside the Bank of England.

In this work, Beever creates the illusion of a deep well in the middle of the sidewalk with unpopular politicians being pulled in. Again, like most of his works, this one demands the viewers attention and gives a clear message. First, his works is often focused on current events or celebrities, and therefore encompass the pop-art trend often found in postmodern art.

Further, his work is a type of installation art in that it is created and displayed in extremely public places, often causing a disruption in the general flow of the area it is placed.

As such, his work is the essence of post modern's focus on the real and the current, making…… [Read More]. Music and Dance in Indian Films in. Music and Dance in Indian Films In sheer quantity, INDIA produces more movies than any other country in the world-over feature-length films in at least 16 languages, according to a recent industry survey. This productivity is explained by several factors: Dadasaheb Phalke's Raja Harishchandra, the first silent film for popular consumption, appeared in ; Alam Ara, the first "talkie," was released in The influence of this tradition ensured that Indian movies would favor mythological or legendary-historical stories, that their dialogue would carry an Urdu flavor even in languages…… [Read More].

Woody Allen View Full Essay. Works Cited Canby, Vincent. An Exploration of Intellectual Kitsch. During Zelig's first wave of celebrity, medical experts -- including psychiatrist Dr. Eudora Nesbitt Fletcher -- unsuccessfully analyze him. Then, upon his return from Italy, Dr. Fletcher takes Zelig to the isolation of the countryside and so successfully "cures" his malady that Zelig attacks an expert because Zelig disagrees with the expert's correct statement that it's a nice day.

A "cured" Zelig now travels the U. Fletcher -- who is also famous due to Zelig's cure -- announce their engagement, at which point multiple women come forward to claim that Zelig married them while he was in one of his chameleon forms. Now that Zelig is accused of bigamy and adultery, the easily manipulated public turns against him, pressuring him to return to his chameleon disease and disappear. Fletcher searches for Zelig and finds him in a newsreel of Hitler; consequently, she travels to German and sees that Zelig is in Hitler's inner circle.

Seeing Fletcher, Zelig comes out of his chameleon existence once again and they both return to America. The gullible and manipulated public now celebrates Zelig with a ticker tape parade in New York City.

Zelig and Fletcher then marry and fade into obscurity. Ideally, the mockumentary has several powerful potentialities. Typically, it is a clever, provocative parody of the documentary genre Grossman Zelig, for example beautifully imitates the black-and-white documentaries of the 's which purported to give an accurate and complete history.

Without the benefit of digital film or CGI, Allen inserts himself as Zelig in numerous historically important scenarios. Zelig's revisionist history, just this side of reality in that Zelig poses with real historical characters Doherty 24 , "incinerated" the naive reliance on archival film as an accurate conveyor of history. Furthermore, to buttress the supposed historical reliability of his mockumentary, Allen used a then-key innovation that has been used ad nauseum: By almost seamlessly inserting Zelig into archival footage, the film shows the fallibility of film as genuine history.

Zelig also succeeded in fulfilling another potentiality of the mockumentary: Through the use of comedy and keen historical mockery, Zelig succeeds in cultural critique of those facets, prompting audiences to "self-conscious analysis" of our tendency toward those human weaknesses Grossman By raising Zelig to celebrity, then lowering him to despised status, then raising him to celebrity, then relegating him to obscurity, the film forces the audience to examine our gullibility, easy manipulation and persistent problem in distinguishing fact from fiction in our celebrity-obsessed, image-obsessed culture Grossman Consequently, even as the audience laughs at the.

Works Cited Allen, Woody, dir. Sony Pictures Classics, The City of God against the Pagans. One technique that enables Allen to accomplish this goal is parody, or comic imitation. Any mode of thought, scholarship, literary expression, or lifestyle that people celebrate or venerate is fair game to Allen.

Indeed, the more seriously a philosophy is taken, the more fun he seems to have tipping it over onto its humorous side. Allen is too much the stand-up comedian to let any opportunity for a laugh—no matter how vulgar or easy—pass by unexploited. Nor does he tolerate lulls in his comedic fiction. On the contrary, he shoots for a pace of humor so rapid that the reader will never be left time to wonder when the next joke is coming. While his stories are less autobiographical than some of his films, they often involve—at least in passing—Jewish characters and issues of importance to Jews.

The missing person she wants him to find is Mr. Big, that is to say, God. Lupowitz demands to have all the facts before he takes the case. The blonde admits that Butkiss is an alias, claiming that her real name is Claire Rosensweig and that she is a Vassar College student working on an assignment for her philosophy class.

Lupowitz takes the case for his usual daily fee of one hundred dollars plus expenses. The investigation begins with a visit to a local rabbi for whom Lupowitz had worked previously. There, he is told that she is really a Radcliffe student and that she had been dating an empiricist philosopher who dabbled with logical positivism and pragmatism somehow, Arthur Schopenhauer also is mentioned.

That evening, Lupowitz dines with his client. After a bout of lovemaking, the two discuss Kierkegaard. The police suspect an existentialist, possibly even Lupowitz himself.

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Woody Allen was born on December 1, He is an actor, director, screenwriter, playwright, author, and comedian. He focuses most of his work on middleclass life in New York City.

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The overall emphasis of Woody Allen’s short fiction is summarized by the title of his second book-length collection, Without Feathers. The title alludes to an Emily Dickinson line: “Hope is.

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Essay about Sublimation in Woody Allen's Manhattan - In the movie “Manhattan”, Woody Allen bases most of the film’s plot off of the meaning behind the term Sublimation. It’s about a man, Issac, whom is unhappy with where his life has lead, him. Use of Humor by Woody Allen and Sigmund Freud - The concept of humor is an incredibly complicated one, having undergone complex analyses and innumerable manners of usage from the times of the ancient Greeks through the modern era.

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Moses Farrow Defends Woody Allen Against Sexual-Assault Allegation in New Essay The adopted son of Mia Farrow and Woody Allen has come to his father’s defense and accused Farrow of “the fatal. Mar 01,  · Woody Allen's Zelig represents many classic potentialities and limitations of the mockumentary. Predating the "mockumentary" designation by a full year, Zelig helped pioneer the mockumentary's use of clever parody to entertain, expose the fallibility of "historical" archival footage, prick the conscience and soothe.